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Find Your Own Little Slice of Paradise

Relax in luxurious surroundings

The Maldives are situated in the Indian Ocean south west of Sri Lanka, and consist of over a thousand coral islands grouped in a chain of twenty six atolls strung across the Indian Ocean.

These islands are fringed with colourful exotic coral and the amazing turquoise sea of the ocean is home to a rainbow of marine life. The Maldives are mostly flat although some have dunes, small lakes and marshes.

In traditional times the economy and livelihood of the Maldivians was based around fishing and crop growing and the area was renowned for tuna, cowry shell, coir rope, tropical fruits and vegetables. Today the economy is boosted by shipping and tourism.

The Maldives have many secluded resorts and each one is a self contained community with its own sports and leisure facilities, shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment. Maldives holidays offer various types of accommodation, thatched bungalows are set amongst tropical palm trees, whilst beach villas edge the crystal clear waters.

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious and romantic, then book a water bungalow, these are built on stilts in the edge of the ocean, and the private balconies are perfect for star gazing long into the night.

Quick Maldives Tips

The currency in The Maldives is the Maldivian Rufiyaa

Holders of a valid UK passport do not need a visa to travel to The Maldives

The time difference between the UK and the Maldives is GMT + 5 hours

Flights to The Maldives from the UK take around 10 hours and 45 minutes

Indian cuisine at it’s very best

The cuisine on Maldives holidays is influenced by Indian and Sri Lankan recipes and cooked using traditional methods. The desserts consist mainly of local tropical fruits.

There are plenty of water sports to keep you active, the colourful coral, variety of marine life and aquatic plants make snorkelling and scuba diving ideal. Windsurfing, jet skiing and parasailing are also very popular on holidays in the Maldives - if you don’t want to get your feet wet you could try the catamaran rides.

The white sandy beaches offer you the chance to laze under the blue skies; while the beach masseuses offer you treatments while you relax and top up your tan.

The main resorts on the Maldives are Male, South Ari Atoll and North Ari Atoll all of which offer a unique style and natural beauty that is hard to beat. You really will feel like you’ve found your own little slice of paradise on holidays to the Maldives.

The climate changes in the Maldives are affected by monsoons, the ideal time to holiday is between November and April. Book holidays to the Maldives online here at

Top Places to Visit

Night Fishing
Set sail into the sunset with the locals who will find you a good spot, close to a reef where the fish are plentiful. It shouldn’t take long before your basket is full and you can head back to the shore to barbeque your catch.

The ocean bed is as beautiful and exciting as the islands above the surface with over a thousand species of fish and other underwater creatures to discover. Dives are available for all levels of competence.

Spa and Wellness
Maldives holidays are all about rest and relaxation and the ultimate experience has to be a spa treatment at one of the many facilities. Some are located on wooden jetties stretching into the sea while others are almost hidden in dense tropical greenery.