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Taba an oasis of beauty

A relaxing Red Sea resort with excellent water sports

Taba holidays will find you relaxing in an up and coming resort on the Sinai Peninsular in Egypt. A wonderful place to relax and soak up the sun, even during our winter months Taba retains consistently warm temperatures with serene sunny days making it an ideal winter destination. The amazing red hue of the Sinai Mountains, turquoise waters of the Red Sea and panoramic views of Jordan ensure holidays to Taba are a truly romantic and picturesque experience. The stunning beaches and calm waters make Taba a haven for water sports enthusiasts with shallow reefs being easily accessible from the beach so it is ideal for beginners to scuba diving and an amazing experience for snorkelers.

Further out the under water paradise offers a marine delight of snappers, moray eels, rays, seahorses and the rare frogfish. The best dive sites in the area include the aptly named Coral City and Pharaoh's Island. You could also catch a boat over to one of the small islands just offshore to discover a secluded cove of your very own to snorkel in. There's just as much fun to be had above sea level with water skiing and windsurfing extremely popular, the modern Marina has boats for hire and deep sea fishing trips available. Take a day trip to Pharaoh's Island with the stunning 12th century castle of Salah ad Din dominating the skyline and offering breathtaking views of Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Quick Taba Tips

The transfer from the airport to resort is approximately 50 minutes

A tourist visa is required to enter Taba, which can be otained at the point of entry

The currency used is the Egyptian Pound

Drinking in the street and anywhere other than a licensed restaurant or bar is not allowed and can lead to arrest

Desert excursions, wildlife parks and pyramids

Back on dry land and the excursions are just as exciting with desert adventures and camel rides. Holidays in Taba are not complete without trying the Bedouin Experience; a chance to observe the traditional way of life here, enjoy the Bedouin hospitality then witness one of the most amazing sunsets you are ever likely to see. The two large wildlife parks near Taba provide an excellent day out for the whole family, an oasis of beauty, blending shady trails with lush vegetarian and the chance to spot flamingos, herons and osprey, a fascinating contrast to the stark desert landscape. You can also book trips to the Pyramids although this is quite a long trip and can be a little expensive from here.

Accommodation in Taba is very much hotel based as is the evening entertainment making all inclusive board options an extremely popular choice especially for families. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to try though with local dishes a speciality on most menus. Taba is a very laid back relaxing resort and still a little quieter than other Red Sea destinations, with water sports and excursions available for those that want them. Taba holidays are an excellent family choice because of the superb facilities available at most hotels and wonderful beaches, but it is also an extremely romantic place with its stunning scenery and amazing sunsets. So book your holidays to Taba at today and discover just what this part of Egypt has to offer you, before everyone else does.

Top Places To Visit

The warm clear waters of the Red Sea are perfect for diving where you can explore the coral reefs and myraid of colourful marine life. Their are handful of diving companies where you can experience all off this at a relaxed pace

Camel Ride & Bedouin Dinner
On this excursion you will discover the life of the Bedouin as you are transported throuh the desert to El Mabruka Bedouin then enjoy a trek along the beach front on a Camel

Dahab Shopping Day
Head to one of the largest open air markets in Sinai, Dahab and practice your haggling skills and pick up a bargain. The stall holders will expect you to haggle. Or enjoy a stroll along the promenade and sample to delights of the beach side cafes