Best Beaches In Egypt

Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Having a title like this probably leads you to have a pretty large expectation. Thankfully Egypt has some pretty nice beaches and will allow you to bring the best out of your holiday. Some names below you might have heard of, and others might be alien to you. However we can guarantee you that these are some of the best around.

Sharm el Sheikh Beach

Sharm El Sheikh Beach is known as one of the most popular beaches in the whole of Egypt. Located off the red sea this spot has a whole host of activities that you can take part in. One of the most popular activities along the coast is diving with a very attractive shoreline of deep water and marine life that many people explore in.

The long golden sandy stretches are perfect for long walks or simply relaxing in the midst of the sun. There are many miles that can be explored here and the Sharm El Sheikh Beach has some of the best bays. A couple that deserve mentioning include the Naama Bay with the other one being Sharm Al Maya.

Hurghada Beach

Located further south of the Sharm El Sheikh Beach, the Hurghada beach is another spectacular beach near the red sea. Along the coastline of the Hurghada beach there are plenty of top hotels as well as top restaurants. Besides sunbathing and long walks along the beach you can get involved in activities that take place within the beach such as diving and boat fishing.

Hurghada is known as one of the party towns that brings amazing nightlife to that in Egypt. There are various clubs located along the coast which will keep you occupied. One of these is called Papa’s Beach Club which has some of the best nightlife around and will give you something to do on the beach when the sun goes down.

Dahab Beach

Near the Sinai Peninsula and situated between the mountains of the Sinai and the Red Sea. The Dahab beach offers some spectacular views and makes for some great sightseeing.

As well as the great sights it’s a great place for a relaxing visit. Since Dahab is a small town you shouldn’t be affected by the large traffic in comparison to some of Egypt’s other beaches. This small town is constantly growing and new things are added as time goes on. However, as of now it’s a great spot to head to for a quiet break.

Nuweiba Beach

Another beach that is located near the Sinai Peninsula, Nuweiba is a beach that is still underdeveloped in the sense it hasn’t transformed into a massive holiday destination. For its exclusion from the mainstream has meant that it’s a great choice for a relaxing holiday.

Most of the hotels that are situated here are quite modern as they have been recently built. Along with the modern hotels you can have a go at diving and snorkelling. Most of the diving and snorkelling can be found at Ras Shaitan which is also known as the Devils Head.

Since it’s underdeveloped it’s a great location for cheap Egypt holidays but still provides amazing entertainment value.
Travel to any of these beaches in Egypt and prepare to be occupied with the sun, activities and great sights.

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Interesting Tours in Egypt

If there’s one thing for sure it’s that Egypt has some of the best history in the world. It has pyramids and ancient ruins through to some amazing infrastructure. There are bound to be some interesting tours here and you are in the right place in thinking that. Whether it’s diving, a cruise or an ancient ruin tour you have the pick of the lot and can decide exactly what you want to do. Cheap Egypt holidays can be made that much better by finding and going on exciting tours, hopefully this post gives you a new insight into the wonders of this beautiful country.

Five Star Nile Cruise

Cruises can be some of the most interesting tours. You get to experience the luxury of travel while seeing new locations and doing something you might not have done before. There are plenty of cruises that go through Egypt but the Nile Jewel cruise is one of the best going. You will start off in Cairo where you will begin to trek by the great pyramids and view the Sphinx at the Giza Plateau. Then you will go to Aswan to be transferred to your Nile cruise. After you have been cruising for a few days you will go around the east bank of Luxor and get to see the massive Karnak Temple. Finally you will end up back in Cairo where you will get to rest and spend some time in the open market.

Red Sea Diving

A cruise can be some great fun, but what about diving the coral reefs and amazing blue water in the Red Sea? You get to have this experience with a red Sea Diving Tour. Situated in the Dahab which is considered to be one of the most desirable diving destinations, there is much to be experienced on this tour. It’s close to the famous blue hole which is over 130 meters deep and is noted to be one of the most dangerous diving spots in the world.

This is a tour that anyone can do with some extremely reasonable prices to go with it. It’s worth it if you get the chance to see some of the most famous diving spots in the world.

Dahshur Ancient Ruin Tour

Located around 40 kilometers south of Cairo, Dahshur is one of the most famous ancient ruin sites in the world. Its location holds seven pyramids but notably has two which are the oldest, largest and best preserved in Egypt. These two are the Sneferu Bent Pyramid (pictured above) and the Sneferu Red Pyramid. They were thought to have been built between the period of 2613-2589 BCE. This tour gives you a great opportunity to see for yourself the amazing creations of the Egyptians in this time period.

You can get some great tours that last around 6-8 hours and will allow you to see the full depth of the Pyramids while learning more about their history.

Although there are plenty of tours out there in Egypt, these are some of the best. Take your family or your spouse with you and gain some memories that will last a lifetime.

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Top Holiday Deals In Turkey

Top Holiday Deals In Turkey

Every area of Turkey will offer something unique and different. That’s why you should know what the advantages are to each area within Turkey. This post will list the top destinations in Turkey and the best deals that offer specific holidays. Whether you’re booking last minute holidays to Turkey or simply looking well in advance you should have an idea of each areas perks.

Luxury – Antalya

One of the best places for luxury resorts is Antalya. Known as the holiday capital of Turkey, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of top notch hotels there. Being ranked as the third highest visited city in the world in 2011 this is probably one of the best places to experience a great holiday.

As well as having some of the best and most luxury hotels it has some fantastic beaches that need to be travelled to, including the famous Side and Fethiye beaches. There is such a selection of hidden caves, beautiful cliff faces and tingling warm water along the coast that you have to go there once in a lifetime. Some of the caves that you can explore include Altinbesik Dudensu Cave, Beldibi Cave and Damlatas Cave which is located at the point of connection of the peninsula.

Some of the luxury hotel holidays located along the amazing coast of Antalya are the Delphin Palace resort, the Barut Lara Resort and The Marmara Bodrum.

Bargain – Dalyan

If value is what you are searching for then the Dalyan region seems to be your ticket to money saving heaven. It has many hotels which are considered bargains and has some of the best value deals around.

Since Dalyan has only recently gained traction of a top holiday destination you can get some well priced hotels in the area. The population currently sits at around the 9,000 mark so the desire to attract new tourists is high for this little town.

Known for some of the best views the resorts within the region of Dalyan are priced extremely well. Some popular resorts include the Mehtap Hotel, the Dalyan Garden Pension and Hotel Asur.

Relaxing – Belek

You may have many different ideas for a great holiday. However, if relaxation is one then Belek could be a great choice of destination. With some great and relaxing hotels located within the area you can be sure to get away from the busy lifestyle of home.

Belek is located between Antalya and Side which are two of the busiest places along the south coast. This means there is opportunity to be located in a position where you are away from this. With relaxing strolls along the prom and some fantastic trips you’ll be glad you came. Its small population of 6,000 is also an added benefit for those searching for a relaxing break.

Some relaxing locations which are popular in Belek are the Gloria Serenity Resort, The Limak Atlantis and the Xanadu Resort hotel.

Best Designed – Istanbul

The capital of Turkey, Istanbul is definitely the best bet when it comes down to finding the most modern and best designed hotels. Being the capital of Turkey Istanbul has a lot of money that can be put into the production of the buildings. This means they have a lot more freedom as to how they are designed and essentially built.

Some may have marble floors, indoor swimming pools or just amazing lighting around the hotel. Whatever it is there is a certain persona that some of the best Istanbul hotels give off.

A few of the hotels that are up for mention include the Miapera Hotel, Ajia Hotel and the Midtown Hotel.


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Quality Hotels In Turkey

When you go on holiday to a foreign country you will spend quite some time in your hotel. This is why it’s vital you pick a hotel that’s going to suit you and your needs. You’ve got the choice from the best bargain hotel, a luxury hotel, a relaxing one or the trendiest one. We have compiled a list of hotels that go above and beyond their call and provide an exceptional service.

Delphin Palace Hotel

The Delphin Palace Hotel is one of the most luxury hotels in the whole of Antalya. The scene is set as soon as you walk into the hotel with the stunning chandelier dangling over the reception area. After the introduction it only gets better as you’ll be shown your room which is allocated a balcony and luxury beds.

This hotel is the ideal spot for large families wanting to experience a luxury holiday or a couple on their honeymoon. The pools on the outside are ideal for sunbathing next to and there are even some outside beds that you can relax on if the sun gets too much for you.

Barut Lara Resort Spa & Suites

If relaxation is your type of holiday then the Barut Lara Resort Spa could be your ticket to a fantastic holiday. Located in Antalya along the Mediterranean coast this resort is top quality. With many facilities such as a great bar and lounge, a fitness centre and a delicious restaurant you will have your needs met at your time here.

As well as having many great facilities the resort is only an earshot away from the beach and has some spectacular walks along the prom. Don’t miss this out if you’re searching for a relaxing break.

Club Med Kemer

Now there’s a relaxing hotel and then there’s a completely party crazed one. Club Med Kemer is the ideal hotel for a completely party focused holiday. With parties going on day and night you can be sure to have one of the most fun filled holidays possible. Pool parties, BBQ’s, boat parties, amazing nighttime shows and plenty of activities is what you can expect from you stay in Club Med Kemer.

As well as being known for being a party filled hotel it’s also known as one of the best all inclusive. There are so many activities that you can simply get your foot in and try them all or just pick and choose from the best ones.

The Marmara Bodrum

Finally if none of the above suit you then why not kick it out at one of the trendiest hotels? The Marmara Bodrum has a certain cool persona to it that will make you feel as though you’re a few years ahead of the rest.

This hotel has some very fine interior and makes you feel right at home. Many of the balconies overlook the local village and look fantastic at night.

Whatever you want Turkey will be certain to offer it to you. With many late deals to Turkey offering the best flight options make sure to be ‘in the know’ before you embark upon your holiday.

Sights to See in Turkey

When you think of any Last Minute Holidays To Turkey you may think of beaches, sun, kebabs and strange music. However there is more than meets the eye and there are some fantastic sights scattered around. You just need to look hard enough and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with some of the monuments present. Things like museums, large churches and ruins are all available for viewing in this beautiful country.

After this post you should be enlightened about the many opportunities that a holiday to Turkey could offer. The main locations that will be talked about will include Istanbul, Bodrum, Side and Kusadasi.

Great Amphitheater – Side

The Great Amphitheater in Side truly is a spectacular view. The age old ruins have been standing there since Alexander the great made the decision to build a theatre to inform the importance of a well organized society.

Make sure you bring a camera as the surrounding views residing around the theatre are also spectacular. Well laid out mountains and large fields provide some amazing photography, especially if taken from the top of the theatre.

Ephesus – Kusadasi

Not far from Kusadasi the ancient city of Ephesus is a spectacle that needs to be witness. It contains one of the largest collections of Roman ruins in the Mediterranean. As well as this it once contained one of the Seven Wonders of the World which was the Temple of Artemis.

This large ruin site dates back to the 13th century and now stands as a massive tourist attraction for those who visit Kusadasi. When you get there you will find out that many of the citizens left the city when its ports dried up due to the fact this was its main source of income. An interesting place to go to, especially if you’re into Roman history.

Museum of Underwater Archaeology – Bodrum

Come to the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology if you’re interested in seeing for yourself the remains and ancient artefacts from shipwrecks. Located in a large castle, the Bodrum museum is spread out across the whole area and has plenty to keep you entertained.

When you arrive on your tour you will be informed as to how the items were found and the locations. Extra little items such as gold coins and beautiful glassworks can be viewed which will give you a step into the history of that time.

Hagia Sophia Church – Istanbul

An extremely important monument in Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia Church is enormous. Built around 537 AD this empowering structure was the centre of all Christianity within the area. Now nearly 1,500 years old this structure is still in great condition and continues to stand tall.

For a small amount of 20 Lira you will get access and have the opportunity to witness a great time in history. It hosts visits of nearly 1,000 people a day and potentially more when it’s holiday season. If you’re in Istanbul don’t pass up the chance to visit one of the most important and influencial structures in Turkey.