Entertainment In Cyprus

You’ve booked your holiday to Cyprus and then realised you want to know much more about this Mediterranean Island? You might wonder what this place has to offer in regards to entertainment, excursions, sports and such like. LateDeals has chosen its favourite things to do in and around Paphos.



Cyprus has more to offer than wine, food and monuments, it is one of the best diving locations in the Mediterranean. The blue sea is so clear that you can see right through to the seabed. There are many types of myriad fish and the water rarely drops below 20⁰C even in December. This makes it the perfect condition to take a diving course. What you will see under water is fantastic grottoes, underwater caves, shells and shipwrecks. The ancient amphora have been laying on the seabed for more than a thousand years.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Cyprus is a popular and passionate sport. Cyprus offers a great deal for both the novice and experienced climber alike. Using mainly ancient limestone and sandstone to climb on and catering for all climbing abilities in a setting that offers stunning views and some great rock. The climbing sites, approximately 35 minutes from Paphos are unique areas of about 500 square meters and varying in height from 5 to approximately 50 meters, offering climbs from simple scrambles to extreme over hangs. So whether you don’t know one end of a climbing rope from the other or you climb for a living, rock climbing in Cyprus will surely be an unforgettable experience during your cheap Cyprus holidays. A session costs €44.00 per person and includes transport to and from the site, all the equipment and instructions.


Sea caves, stacks, surf, rock bridges, rips, stranded cargo ships, tiny offshore islands. These are just some of the things to encounter on a sea kayak trip in Cyprus. The south west coast, around Paphos, is perfect for a canoe trip with a whole range of different features and conditions for everyone to enjoy. So join Zephyros Adventure Sports on a kayak expedition that you will never forget. They have a range of trips to choose from all priced at €44.00 per person and they go through some of the basics for beginners to make sure everybody can control their boat safely while having fun. The classic Sea Caves expedition is the most popular. After leaving the bay and heading along the rocky coast, you will get to an area of amazing limestone erosion that has formed stacks and arches that you paddle through and it’s here that you can try your luck in the ‘Washing Machine’, a deceptive rotational current that will have you pointing every direction but forwards! From there the trip will take you on to the sea caves, an impressive series of wet caves where you can look for fossils, jump from rocks into deep water and crawl through narrow caves and passages.


Cyprus Handicraft Centre

Handicrafts and pottery is a long-standing tradition of Cyprus. Beautiful, ancient rare handicrafts can be seen at the Folk Art and Handicraft Centre located all over Cyprus. One can get to see products made from precious stones, metal, textiles & more, all made with craftsmanship secrets that have been handed down from generation to generation.

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Best Beaches in Cyprus

If you’re one of the lucky few who has managed to book yourself one of our cheap holidays to Cyprus, then no doubt you are already thinking about which beaches to visit. When your holiday destination is an island, it’s hard not to start the planning already, as whichever way you head, you’ll eventually reach one of these beautiful beaches sooner or later.

Konnos Bay, Cape Greco


Known by party goers as ‘The Place to Recover’, Konnos Bay is the best place to recover after a big Ayai Napa night out. Situated a mile along the coast from the party town, Konnos Bay can be reached by bus, car or foot. Upon arrival, almost all visitors are initially struck by its high side rugged coastline; however it is this coastline that contains beautiful nature trails and shelters visitors from the strong sea winds. These same cliffs also provide a calm and flat sea in which to either cool down from the midday sun or snorkel amongst the tropical fish. For those looking to finish a day on the beach off with something special, Konnos Bay also acts as a magnificent place from which to watch the long uninterrupted sunsets.

Coral Bay, Peyia

A meandering shaped cove saddled in between towering limestone cliffs, Coral Bay is both wind free and shallow. It is therefore the classic family beach with clean water and safe swimming zones watched by lifeguards. The safe and calm environment encourages a pleasant mix of water sports and family friendly activities. An abundance of quality eating places, sunbeds and parasols are offered for those searching for a bit of shade or refreshment. For those seeking something slightly more energetic and adrenalin inducing, there are beach based companies offering parascending, diving, and water skiing. Unlike many beaches Coral Bay offers space all year round. The off season provides plenty of room for family to set up camp, and during the busy season, it is always possible to find space beyond the sunbeds at the front of the beach.

Come the end of the day, and after much exertion, you can easily slump into one of the nearby bars for an evening of rest, relaxation, and some wild fun depending on which bar you choose.

Pissouri Bay

Neatly positioned in a quiet valley between the towns of Limassol and Paphos on the Cyprus South Coast, Pissouri Bay is bursting with vibrant and fragrant plantation. The beach itself is made up of a 2km long stretch of sand and shingle. Although you will find a host of activities on offer at Pissouri Bay, all activities are offered in a very discreet manner. This considered discreetness gives Pissouri Bay a laid back and relaxed feel that can be hard to find amongst the majority of more well-known Cyprus beaches. Walking along the beach, you will discover a truly Cypriot atmosphere, accompanied by a number of easy going shacks serving authentic Cypriot food.

During the day most visitors to Pissouri Bay enjoy immersing themselves in its clean and safe environment. However come evening, you can make the short walk into the nearby Pissouri Village where you will find it resplendent with its original Cypriot character and local shops, restaurants and bars.

Lara Beach, Lara Bay

On the north-west coast of Cyprus lye’s the small and secluded Lara Beach. The beach is fresh, exhilarating, out of the way of the main tourist areas, and home to both the regions loggerhead and green turtles.  Not only do these turtles provide a fascinating experience, they are also responsible for instigating the government’s decision to ban all sun loungers and umbrellas. The knock on effect of this being both a tranquil place for visitors, and an ideal resting place for seals as well.

Due to its relaxed and untouched environment, Lara beach does not offer as many activities as most other beaches around Cyprus. However it more than makes up for this by the quality of walks it offers. Located on the Akamas peninsula, Lara Beach possesses a beautiful and varied coastline. To get the most scenery at its finest, the spring is the best time to go, as that is when the breath-taking plethora of national flora comes out.

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Best Sights To See in Cyprus

Renowned for its natural beauty and ancient historic culture, Cyprus is a treasure trove of sights, sounds, and experiences. However for those looking for cheap holidays to Cyprus it can often be difficult to know how to plan your time wisely. Our resident experts have therefore put together a list of the top 5 best sites to see in Cyprus.

Ancient Kourion

The Ancient Kourion is one of Cyprus’ most important archaeological sites. Built way back in the 18th Century BC, the theatre has finally succumbed to pressure to have renovation work within the last few years. Despite the need to modernize, the Kourion is all the better for it, as its mind blowing mosaic floors have now been protected from the natural elements that they were previously laid open to.

Unlike many tourist sites, the Kourion is actually used for its original purpose in the summer, when it regularly stages a host of performing arts. Upon going to see any production, be it music, theatre, dance, or ancient drama, you can be guaranteed that the performance will take on a whole new dimension at this stunning venue.

Paphos Mosaics

The Paphos Mosaics are considered one of the most historic sites in the whole of Cyprus. Amongst experts, the Paphos Mosaics are also considered to be the finest Mosaics in Eastern Europe. When on holiday in Cyprus, the Paphos Mosaics really are a must see, and contain many of the ancient Greek mythological tales. They mostly date from the 2nd century through to the 5th century, and can be found in remarkable condition in most cases.

The Paphos Mosaics are extremely detailed and intricate. It is therefore suggested that you take at least half a day to take in everything they have to offer. The area is open daily and the admission fee is minimal. Some of the mosaics are also in sheltered areas which gives some relief from the summer sun. You will also find benches located under trees where you can relax and take in the scenery.

Ancient Salamis

The ancient city of Salamis was the most important ancient city in Cyprus, and the ruins are still impressive today. The discovery of Gold coins bearing the name of Evagoras, dating from 411 to 374 BC, is the first genuine evidence of the city’s importance. Legend also tells how Salamis was originally founded by a hero from the Trojan War, Teucer. Under Teucer, Salamis flourished and soon had its own coinage. However after many years, the last king of Salamis committed suicide and burned his palace to the ground rather than submit to the Egyptian King Ptolemy I in 295 BC.

Set over a site stretching a kilometer in length, and with a Sandy white beach along one side, Salamis is a fantastic place for a day out in Northern Cyprus.

Troodos Mountains

The magnificent Troodos Mountains stretches across the center of Cyprus. Troodos is fantastically located 45 minutes away from the Mediterranean Sea and some wonderful beaches. Within the mountains there are many traditional villages to explore. Many of these villages remain totally unspoiled by development and tourism. Visiting them will definitely give you a real flavor for the Cypriot lifestyle and culture. Within the villages you will also find a whole host of monasteries, beautiful churches and some stunning scenery.
To discover the Troodos Mountains fully, we recommend either renting a car from one of the local towns, or packing a family picnic and heading into the mountains for a day trek.

Paphos Harbour and Castle

Paphos Castle is located in Kato Paphos at the harbour front. It is a stunning stone walled castle, and has its own arched battle way bridge that connects the castle to the harbor. In 1935 the castle was declared an ancient monument and is considered to this day as one of the greatest hallmarks of the Paphos region.

Outside the front of the castle, you will find a large square dedicated to hosting cultural events throughout the year. Of all the events, the Aphrodite Festival in September is renowned as the most spectacular. The festival focuses around a large Opera performance that brings in a famous opera troupe and uses the castle backdrop for a number of the settings. You will also want to use the castle as the background for some of your most amazing and memorable holiday photos.

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Top Beaches in Ibiza

The island of Ibiza has a surface area of only 220.85 sq.mi., so the greatest distance to be covered by road is less than 25 miles which means that during your holidays, you could in fact visit them all. Then again, would you want to? If you are the type of holiday maker who likes to know the best beaches for families, watersports, or tranquility in advance, trust the LateDeals team to have put together a list of the top beaches in Ibiza so that you can choose the right ones for you and of course start dreaming about your upcoming holiday if you have booked one of our late deals to Ibiza. Just to tempt you a little thewater temperatures for August and September are 26ºC and for October 24.5ºC.

Las Salinas

Location: A 10 minute-drive from Ibiza Town, 25 minutes from San Antonio

Last Salinas is the southern tip of the island and really the most iconic of all Ibiza beaches. This makes it a hot favourite with celebrities, the party crowd, hippy nudists as well as Spanish families. It gets very busy during high-season but it certainly is a great experience. Make sure to explore the old pirate watchtower and the famous rock formations that have been carved into amazing creations. Parking is available for €4 per car.


Playa d’en Bossa

Location: in the resort of Playa d’en Bossa, about 2.5 miles from Ibiza town

This 1.25 miles long beach really offers something for everyone! Equipped with loungers, parasols, showers, lifeguards, restaurants, bars and shops as well as access for the disabled, what more could you possibly need? If you like to get active on your holidays, you can kite and windsurf, rent pedaloes and catamarans, go diving or play volleyball. Playa d’en Bossa is also home to the trendy Bora Bora bar but if you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, there are many good restaurants and bars further down the beach.

Cala Jondal

Location: A 25minute-drive south-west from Ibiza Town, near San José

This is probably the most relaxed beach on the island. It is set in a secluded bay in a conservation area. This beach is less pretentious and more sophisticated than many of Ibiza’s beaches. Pedaloes are available for hire but people just pretty much bring their own things along. However, there is a nice selection of bars and restaurants.

Es Cavallet

Location: A 10-minutes drive from Ibiza Town

This is an official nudist beach, the main nudist area being in the middle section of the beach backed by sand dunes. Es Cavallet, with its near-white sand, exclusive restaurants and stunning views is popular with celebrities and gays. Be warned that during high-season, it can be tricky to find a parking space, so you might be better off getting there by bus.

Puerto de San Miguel

Location: A 5-minutes drive from San Miguel, in the north-west of Ibiza.

The bay of Puerto de San Miguel was once a fishing port, and as the bay is well protected by steep cliffs, swimming is safe and the water is crystal clear. The beach hosts a diving and sailing school as well as some restaurants and bars. You can get there by bus or car.


Location: A 35-minute drive from Ibiza Town, near San Juan.

Factually, three beaches make up this area in the north of Ibiza. Sand and rocks complement each other and make it a popular destination for families – tourists and locals alike. This is a great place to escape the noise and overcrowding of the more famous beaches.


Cala De Boix

Surrounded by rocky cliffs and pine forest, this beach is a hidden gem. The water is pale and clear while the sand is grey and pebbly. Cala De Boix attracts snorkelers, bodysurfers, yacht owners, naturists and also many locals, yet it is hardly ever crowded.

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Top 5 Best Restaurants in Ibiza

Traditionally known as an island dedicated to nightclubs, you might be surprised to discover that Ibiza is also home to some of the finest dining experiences in Europe. So whether you just want to hear more about Ibiza’s culinary delights, or wish to find a recommendation of where to go, then reading our guide to the top five best restaurants in Ibiza might just meet all your needs if booking one of our late deals to Ibiza.

Es Torrent

Renowned as the islands best fish restaurant, and also one of the best summer restaurants on the island, Es Torrent takes its food very seriously. They are so serious in fact, that upon walking in you will be asked what type of seafood you prefer, followed by a presentation of all their offerings within that variety. Located amongst the tranquil scenery of the Playa d’es Torrent beach near Cala Jondal, the restaurant commands a waiting list that is so long, you will need to book your table at least two weeks in advance.


Amante Ibiza is the ultimate modern rustic beach and restaurant experience in Ibiza. Found in one of Ibiza’s most beautiful coves, Amante is ideal for anyone looking to unwind in beautiful surroundings.

The menu offers the freshest Mediterranean food to be found anywhere on the island. Amante’s cocktails also act as a stylish and unique compliment to the stunning views. Unlike most other restaurants on the island, Amante takes bookings for both lunches and evening meals. Throughout the day there are day beds and sun lounges on which the attentive staff will attend to your every need, whilst the evening acts as a great chance to take in the breathtaking views and moonlit sea.


Dedicated to bringing you the finest Japanese Cuisine, Novum is a true haven for anyone seeking sushi at its best. For those requiring replenishment from a heavy night out, or just looking for some great tasting detox food, Novum promises to deliver fish served straight from the sea.

The recent refurbishment of the outdoor lounge which now combines comfortable lounge beds within a serene garden environment means that Novum is now more than ever the place to see, and also be seen. For those concerned with getting there, it is a short and simple 10 minute drive north from Ibiza town. With its prime location and luxurious food, you can be guaranteed to bump into everyone who is anyone in Ibiza here.


Committed to the highest gastronomic standards that fuse extraordinary culinary experiences and excellent service, KM5 brings you the best food in its magnificent and comfortable surroundings. Furthermore, KM5 offers all this to its customers whilst allowing them to listen to the latest music and take in a constantly changing selection of fashionable art.

For the sophisticated food lover, KM5 provides its diners with the chance to indulge in an exclusive selection of dishes combining the flavours of the Mediterranean with traditional French, Italian and Argentinian cuisine. However, if its surroundings you’re looking for, then KM5’s garden lounge will bowl you over with its haima tents, three bars, open air sofa’s, and internationally renowned resident DJ.


Ibiza is covered all over with so many great places to eat, all which bring something special and unique to those who know where to look. L’Elephant has shown its true class by gaining a reputation for one of the islands most exclusive restaurants. Not only does L’Elephant serve some of the most delicate and luxuriously prepared food, come midnight it sheds its convivial air of being an exclusive meeting place and becomes a lively bar, complete with DJ’s who wow both industry professionals and the cosmopolitan clientele at the same time.

Whether visiting to sample the delights of the inspired menu, enjoy the airs of the VIP terrace before heading into town, or simply to sample a bit of everything and indulge all of your senses, L’Elephant is the leader in the realm of total experience dining.

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