Travelling without children is easy, add children into the mix and it becomes a new challenge as any parent will know.  Planning a trip where you are leaving the car (or more importantly the boot of the car) at home, and you are suddenly plunged into a whole new ball game.

Picture the scene… a couple with a new baby are travelling by plane for the first time. They saved for months to buy the travel system of their dreams, it cost them a small fortune – and now they are going to take it around the world with them and subject it to the stereotypical heavy handedness of airport luggage operators, bumpy tracks, sea and sun cream.

We have invited Jo Studholme, parent and founder of who have used and reviewed pretty much every pushchair on the UK market and beyond to share their advice and make some recommendations for when it comes to travelling with a pushchair.

There are options which can make travelling a little easier and can get rid of some of the worry – no one wants to be stuck in a foreign country at the airport with two suitcases, a hand bag, a changing bag and a tired baby or toddler without a pushchair. However, travelling is not just about getting through the airport – it’s about the whole two weeks and what that involves.

At the airport.
You need to transport your little one through the airport whilst also keeping a close eye on your massive suitcase (filled with far more than you are ever going to need), older children and of course your wandering husband as he decides to buy a new iPod in Dixons. Airports are busy places and it is always advisable not to lose your children there! Pushchairs which will glide over the shiny floor and can be steered with one hand is always a bonus.

For some, a sling or baby carrier is the answer and the pushchair is booked into the hold. If this is what you prefer, we recommend that you put it in a substantial travel bag, the manufacturer specific ones are as a general rule very good – there is nothing worse than reaching your destination to find that your pushchair is damaged. If you are checking in your pushchair (and car seat) – you generally take it to the ‘over-sized baggage check-in’ where it is taken to the plane manually rather than on the conveyor belt.

For many, checking in your pushchair a few hours before departure is not an option. Personally I have always kept my pushchair after check-in and taken a carrier/sling in my hand luggage. Most airlines will allow you to take a ‘1 piece’ pushchair to the gate. That is, one which will fold with the seat in situ. I always take a travel bag with me and as we approach the gate, little one is taken out and the pushchair popped into the travel bag to keep it clean more than anything. As long as you have a travel bag, ‘most’ strollers will work here such as the Britax B-Agile or the Baby Jogger City Mini. However, over the last few years, there has been an influx of pushchairs designed to take on the aeroplane with you. We recently took a Quinny Yezz on a plane and this worked like clockwork as we folded it as we entered the plane and stored it in the overhead locker. If you need a reclining stroller for a younger child, take a look at the Babyzen YoYo.

Arriving at your destination airport with a tired baby and tired parents
If you checked your pushchair in with your luggage, you won’t get your pushchair back until you reach the luggage carousel and this can be a long walk combined with a long wait for passport control. My advice here is to use a carrier or a sling! You will potentially have a tired and grizzly baby, and could be in for a long and hot wait.

If you took your pushchair to the gate there are two options and this largely depends on the airline. Some airlines will give you your pushchair back as soon as you get off the plane, and others you have to wait again until you are through passport control. Again my advice is to have a sling in your hand luggage just in case. If you have taken a compact stroller in to the cabin, it’s easy – unfold and you are away.

At your destination
You will potentially spend more time using your pushchair at your destination rather than just at the airport, yet it is that part of the journey that most people worry about. Your little one has to be comfy – if they are a young baby, they will probably want to nap in the pushchair as usual routines are no doubt turned upside down whilst away.
You have a few choices here :-

  • Using your usual pushchair – we would recommend buying a liner if you are planning on visiting a hot country to save your pushchair from sun cream and ice cream (liners wash easily and dry quickly in the sun).
  • Specifically buying a new or pre-loved pushchair for your holiday – think carefully about how you will use the pushchair on holiday – for day trips you may need a larger than usual basket – the basket on the Graco Evo Mini is immense for such a compact stroller. If you are on a beach holiday or snow holiday, consider an all-terrain. Brands such as Mountain Buggy really do build their pushchairs to last so I would be quite happy purchasing something like the Urban Jungle IF you have the space! If you have an older child and it’s just for transporting them from A to B, then some of the cheaper strollers are a good option, such as the Obaby Atlas. Always buy a few weeks before you go away so you can become familiar with the fold and if pre-loved, you have time to clean the fabrics if necessary. It is also advisable to get your little one used to their ‘holiday pushchair’ before you go away.
  • Hire a pushchair – many of the theme parks now give you the option to hire a pushchair but check before you leave. There are also companies in the UK and abroad who can deliver a pushchair to your destination saving you the hassle at the airport.
  • Think about the sunshine! There are a number of products which work better than a traditional parasol. Consider a Shade-Me for use with an older child who might be jumping in and out of the buggy or with a younger baby, Snoozeshade, Sleep Pod or Protectishade – all are universal fitting and will provide some protection (don’t forget sun creams in addition of course).
  • Think about the cold! If you are travelling to a cold climate, makes sure your little one will be warm. There are many brands of cosytoes available and I would recommend one where the front zips off so that when you enter a heated building you can unzip the cover. Buggysnuggle offer a wide range, as so Cosyozko – for those who are really ‘hitting’ the slopes, take a look at the 7am range.

Finally – don’t be scared – you hear so many horror stories about taking a pushchair on holiday – but you don’t hear from the hundreds of people who each year travel with their pushchair without issue. So far – I have never had a problem. Just check with your airline for any specifics and you should be fine.

So which pushchairs would I personally take on holiday? Here are my top five suggestions:

  1. Money no object – Babyzen YoYo (suitable 6 months plus) from £309
  2. Budget buy – Maclaren Volo from £85
  3. Best all rounder – Baby Jogger City Mini from £249.99
  4. Toddler – Quinny Yezz from £175
  5. Travelling with 2 – Phil & Teds Dot from £409

Happy Travels!

You can say hello to Jo at and sister brand


· Majority of Brits dread stripping off on holiday

· Men join women in crash diet craze

· Women experience anxiety about bikinis

· Eight-week regime is all it takes to look your best on the beach!

We dream about jetting-off to sunnier climes for a week or two of sunbathing and relaxing – yet for the majority of holidaymakers it is becoming a nightmare as we dread stripping down to our swimwear!

According to research published today by, 56% of UK adults (aged 18-45) hate the thought of having to bare their flesh on holiday, despite booking a holiday to a sunny destination.

41% of us blame celebrities in the media looking beach perfect for making us feel less than fabulous. It is reported that women (21%) have nightmares in the weeks running up to their holiday – as they become anxious about wearing a bikini! Men are also feeling the pressure when it comes to donning their Speedos with a quarter of those questioned admitting to going on crash diet a couple of weeks before their holidays.

However, even though we are feeling the pressure to look good, only 20% said they do more exercise, 37% said they go on a diet – but on average we only do this 15 days before we’re due to go away.

The first three days of the holiday are the worst, with many of us covering up as we feel pale and flabby compared to other holidaymakers on the beach. Shockingly 17% of us said we didn’t enjoy the first couple of days abroad and that it takes us on average 2.8 days to acclimatise.

Holiday experts, is publishing its guide to getting body beautiful in just eight weeks to help battle Brits insecurities and ensure that we enjoy every minute of our summer holidays.

· Cut down on alcohol and caffeine and drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. This will improve your energy levels, water retention and give your skin added glow.


· Get more sleep! Make sure you’re clocking up at least eight hours of kip per night – you’ll have plenty of late nights when you’re on holiday, so let your body prepare with plenty of shut-eye beforehand. Tests found suffering sleepless nights can disrupt natural hormonal balances. This can reduce levels of the ‘hunger hormone’ leptin, causing people to eat more.

· Up your exercise – you don’t need to join a gym or start pumping iron, but if you want to look and feel better than you’ll have to do some form of exercise! Aim for 30 minutes every day. This could be a brisk walk, doing an exercise video, playing on the Wii – any form of activity that you wouldn’t normally do.

· Go out for lunch – leave the office at lunchtime and stretch your legs! Buy a pedometer and aim to do an extra 5,000 steps per day – while you’re getting paid! Do this for eight weeks and you’ll feel the benefit.

· Replace your chair with a fit ball! You can do this at work, at your desk or at home while watching TV – balancing on a fit ball improves your posture and core muscles – meaning you’ll have a more toned tummy! Try and do at least an hour a day.

· Cut out the junk – it goes without saying that to create that body beautiful you’ll need to forsake the junk food! No takeaways, fizzy drinks, cakes or chips for eight weeks – it won’t be easy but it won’t kill you either!

· Healthy snacks – fill your fridge, desk or car with healthy foods like fruit, nuts and seeds for guilt free snacking – it will help you step away from the chocolate muffins!

Calum Macdonald from said: “It seems such a shame to waste a single second of your holiday worrying about the way you look! The reality is that many people worry but don’t do anything about it – we wanted to put together a simple guide to help people get beach ready for their holiday in just eight weeks – it’s not a massive commitment but will ensure they feel confident on day one of their holiday!”

Tips for Travelling with Babies & Children

We are delighted to have Cara Sayer, creator and founder of the SnoozeShade to share her top tips for fuss-free flying with babies and children to help those of you heading off en famille or reassure those of you who are perhaps nervous of committing to a holiday with little ones in tow.  Cara knows more than a thing or two about travelling and ensuring sleep for all parties along the way having invested the SnoozeShade to combat the well known challenge that is getting a child to sleep during the day with mixed success draping muslins, blankets and even jackets over prams whilst out and about at home or on holiday.  Being on holiday adds to the challenge sun and insect  protection as well as ventilation and keeping baby cool.

Frustrated with the absence of an effective solution Cara launched her SnoozeShade in March 2010 and the original and additional versions for prams, infant car seats and travel cots are now on sale around the world helping parents from London to Sydney ensure they have a happy well rested baby.  Here are Cara’s tips for a smooth journey and holiday away from home:

Be flexible and be prepared

When you’re travelling with children everything will take longer so try to make life easier for yourselves so you don’t have to rush.  If you can, check in online beforehand, get to the airport well ahead of time so you have plenty of time for toilet, feeding and changing breaks.  Be prepared for delays at the airport – keep your pushchair with you until you board, have snacks and some toys or games to entertain your little ones depending on their ages.  If your plane is very delayed, a SnoozeShade has been a lifesaver for many a parent in a busy airport allowing baby to sleep easily when needed in the pram or pushchair.

Pack for every event (and then some)
We travelled a lot with my daughter when she was tiny and I found a surprise friend in the humble nappy bag.  They are really useful for every situation. A nappy explosion? Seal up dirty clothes. Bottle of milk spills? Seal up in the nappy bag. A pack of wipes is always handy. Take a few sachets of Calpol in case you need it in transit. Buy a small bottle of antibacterial hand gel in case you get stuck somewhere with less than desirable toilets. Pack plenty of spare tops and bottoms as accidents will happen and layers for when it’s chilly that can be taken off when it’s warmer.  Pack a spare t-shirt or top for yourself too as you will not want to sit with spit up on your shoulder for several hours.

Timing is everything

If you can try and time flights with naptime and bedtime.  Feed babies during take-off and landing as it helps release pressure in their ears naturally. One thing I learned travelling with my daughter is that children can stay awake for the whole flight but it’s quite common for them to fall asleep when the plan lands (an air stewardess told me on a flight to Spain once).

Ask for help

Don’t be embarrassed if your baby cries, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from air staff or other passengers – particularly if you’re flying by yourself with baby. Chat to the flight attendants and see if they have any tips – they will have seen it all before.  They can help you in many ways – bring you water to mix up a bottle, dispose of dirty nappies, grab something out of your bag in the overhead and even hold your baby so you can take a trip to the bathroom.

Beat on-board boredom with a goody bag

For babies pack a goody bag of items that they know and love. A couple of small toys, a small puzzle, a pack of crayons and a colouring book.

For older children, have a gadget on hand that can entertain them. I have rented some cheap and cheerful films from iTunes for flights and my daughter has been happily entertained for a couple of hours.

Load up for snack attacks

I don’t think my daughter has ever eaten a plane meal so ensure you have snacks for the journey.  You are allowed to take a reasonable amount of baby milk, sterilised water (must be in a baby bottle), and baby food to last a journey. Sachets of baby food are good as they can be resealed. If you’re using baby milk then you can also buy pre-sterilised teats to go into small ready made formula cartons. I always used to take a sterilising microwave bag with me just in case I was able to use it when needed as it takes up hardly any space. For older children you can buy them sandwiches at the airport, yoghurts and other treats so you save on packing it at home.

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Summer 2013: This Year’s Travel Essentials

OK, so you’ve booked your holiday, sorted your insurance, planned your wardrobe and now all you need to do is pack those travel essentials that’ll make your trip all the more enjoyable.

At we thought we’d save you some time and with our guide to this year’s travel must haves:


Powertraveller PowerMonkey Extreme Charger £100.00
For the traveller who cannot live without their gadgets – you need the PowerMonkey! Its battery is charged from a solar panel that holds its charge for up to a year, ready to power your phone, laptop or tablet.

Oregon Scientific UV Monitor 29.99
Avoid the lobster look this year with the help of this pocket-sized monitor, which tells you how long you can stay out in the sun based on UV reading, sunscreen factor and skin type. It has a handy graphic to show how dangerous the sun is at that moment – good if you have young children.

Zomm Wireless Leash £50.00
You’ll never loose your much-loved Smartphone again with this nifty gadget! The Zomm is a tiny keyring that connects wirelessly to your Smartphone by Bluetooth. If you walk out of a restaurant without it, the Zomm will sound the alarm.


Braun Travel Shaver £17.96
Look smooth on the go with this battery powered travel shaver from Braun. It’s small but has SmartFoil technology to give you a close shave in fewer strokes and is protected in transit by a stylish travel lock. It can be used wet, for extra convenience, and is fully washable.

This Works Travel £45.00
This product contains five of your favourite This Works products in one lovely practical, zip-up case with a special detachable inner bag. It is the perfect antidote to travel-weary skin – for style-conscious men and women.


Playstation Vita £199.99
Splash out on the Vita and you’ll never have a boring airport experience again! The big screen is high-resolution, it has a touch screen and games can be downloaded on the go, so you don’t need to carry games cartridges.

Roberts Solar DAB radio, £80
Brilliant for the pool or the beach, the Roberts Solar DAB looks smart, sounds great and best of all it is charged by the sun’s rays! It can run for up to 20 hours, is super light and comes in a variety of colours!

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones £249.99
Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology electronically blocks out background noise, so you enjoy the pure and clear sounds of your favourite songs – even on an aeroplane! They’re compatible with your iPhone and other Apple devices.

Win 2 x SunSense Sun Protection Kits worth £100 RRP each

We’ve teamed up with SunSense, Australia’s number one sunscreen, to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a family sized collection of SunSense products including best sellers Toddler Milk, which perfect for the little ones, and Daily Tint, which is the ultimate beauty product offering SPF 50+ with an invisible tint finish. The kit also comes with a fun SunSense frisbee and a set of UV wristbands that change from colourless to blue as you go out in the sun, to remind you to put your sunscreen on.

To counteract the common sun myths and help to reduce the risk to children, SunSense is this week launching a UK-wide schools campaign to help educate parents and children on the facts about sun protection.  Best advice for protecting yourself and children from the threat of sun damage:

  • Apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going outdoors.
  • The higher the SPF the better (the National Institute for Clinical Excellence recommends at least SPF 15).
  • Reapply every 2 hours.  Teach and remind children how to apply the cream.
  • Be careful to cover all exposed skin.
  • Cover up with clothing, hats and sunglasses.

For more information and to get involved with the Sun Sensible campaign visit

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