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How To Beat The Holiday Blues

The preparation, the excitement and the anticipation begin the second you hit the ‘book now’ button and your next holiday abroad has turned from a dream into reality.

Finally the departure date is here, the sun lotion’s bought, the party gear is packed and the dog is in the kennels, and as the heat hits you at the top of those aeroplane steps, you know you’ve finally arrived.

But where did those two weeks go? Before you know it you’re heading back to the airport and more importantly, back to reality. Yes there’s the excitement of bragging to your mates about where you’ve been, what you did and who you met, then it’s back down to earth with an unceremonious thud.

So apart from the tan that seems to fade as soon as you get through the front door and a wallet that’s slightly lighter than two weeks ago, what are the worst things about coming home, and how do we get over them? Heading to work every day when you should be heading to the beach? Sitting shivering in the beer garden of the Red Lion rather than sipping cocktails at the beach bar? Well we’ve come up with what we think are the 5 worst things about returning from holidays abroad. Do you agree, or can you think of something worse?


It goes without saying really, unless you still live with your mum, that as soon as you arrive home the washing machine goes into overdrive. Piles of salty, sandy clothes, wet towels and swimwear that will never see the light of day for another year pile up on the kitchen floor. At least you don’t need to iron them!

Wearing Clothes

You are used to swimwear and shorts, perhaps tee-shirts at the most, now suddenly you are hiding under woollies with flip flops replaced by socks and winter boots. You can literally feel the glow of the tan fading as it is buried alive under layers of clothes and your favourite winter onesie.

Email Inbox

Back to your desk and as you remove the ‘out of office’ response, the ‘dings’ come flooding in. Bonus point – people might think you are still away and ignore you until at least 11am. Bonus point 2 – you were sipping cocktails on the beach as the monthly brainstorming meeting which went on for 5 hours was taking place!


“You could have brought some sun back with you”. How many times do you really need to hear that? And yes, you wish you could have brought the sun back with you, but you didn’t because that would just be impossible wouldn’t it? And you wouldn’t have shared it anyway – after all, you’ve worshipped it solidly for the last 2 weeks so why should you share it with these sarcastic people?

This time last week…

That moment when you check the time and can’t help letting your mind wander back to what you were doing at ‘this time last week’. Scuba diving, jet skiing or hurtling down water slides, perhaps you were partying the night away or laying on the beach as the sun set. Then that little smile spreads across your face as you forget the holiday blues from this year and start planning on doing it all again next year! Is that a tiny tingling of excitement and anticipation you’re feeling?

So stop moping over the holiday that’s been and gone, and start planning the next one instead. But why wait until next year? With up to 70% discount off all holidays at you can totally banish the holiday blues by taking another one within 8 weeks! Problem solved – holiday blues are banished…until the next time!


Late September is one of the best times of the year to go on holiday and enjoy a final summer fling before the nights draw in.

Fewer crowds, lower prices and pleasant weather make it an ideal time to get a last blast of sunshine, without having to travel too far afield.

The kids are back at school and the last public holiday before Christmas has passed, so some of the most popular beach holiday destinations offer a much more peaceful experience with plenty of space on the beaches, no queues and no need to make advance bookings at restaurants. Bliss!

It’s also a more cost effective time to travel with tour operators and airlines offering competitive savings on late holiday deals.

Nicola Defty, Commercial Manager at said: “From late September, it’s easy to find a hot holiday that won’t break the bank, plus there’s an array of ‘off peak season’ benefits such as quieter resorts, fewer airport delays and better offers in restaurants and visitor attractions.

“It’s a popular time of the year for many couples who want to avoid peak season crowds to book a last minute getaway. There’s loads of bargains to short haul destinations such as mainland Spain, Greece, Majorca, Turkey and Cyprus – the conditions in the Mediterranean are perfect, with air temperatures settling down and the sea still comfortably warm for swimming.”

Here’s our guide to the top late summer destinations:

Average maximum temperature*: 30C
Cyprus’s southerly position means it enjoys hot temperatures from April to November, making it an ideal end of summer destination. The Island’s subtropical climate combined with its superb golden beaches, fascinating history and vibrant nightlife, makes it a firm favourite with British tourists at this time of the year.

Enjoy a week’s self catering stay at the three-star Loutsiana Apartments in Ayia Napa for £335pp, including a saving of 38%. Flights depart from Manchester on 29th September.

Average maximum temperature: 29C
Still hot but not scorching, late September is the perfect time to visit Turkey, and experience its rich culture and history. Head to the southern Mediterranean or Aegean coasts to bask in some glorious Turkish sunshine, and get a real feel for its warmth and hospitality now that there are fewer tourists around.

Save 42% on a week’s all-inclusive break to the four-star Suntopia Bodrum Imperial in Bodrum, only £401pp, flying from Luton on 26th September.

Greek Islands
Average maximum temperature: 27C
Whichever Greek island you choose, you’re likely to find warm sunshine and a more laid back pace in late September. The Islands’ long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are a gift for sun seekers, while culture vultures can explore the wealth of Greek history and ancient sites on offer.

Jet off from Cardiff on 28th September for a seven night self catering stay at the three-star Alice Springs Hotel in Kos Town for £366pp, including a saving of 21%.

Mainland Spain
Average maximum temperature: 26C
Still nicely hot and sunny in late September, mainland Spain continues to offer beach worthy weather and some of the best late holiday deals. With a huge number of quality resorts, beautiful beaches and charming towns to explore, Spain is the perfect choice for end of summer sun worshippers.

Chill out for seven nights at the four-star Romana in Salou for £301pp (27% off), including half board accommodation and flights from Luton on 24th September.

Average maximum temperature: 28C
Majorca offers a perfect late summer escape with its stunning scenery, good choice of watersports and superb bars and restaurants. It’s popular with deal hungry holiday makers looking for a classic holiday mix of sun and fun, without the hustle and bustle of peak season.

Save 38% on a week’s break at the four-star Alcudia Pins Hotel in Alcudia – all Inclusive for only £469pp, flying from Manchester on 28th September.

*The temperatures provided are the average maximum temperatures for September. Prices were correct at 02.09.13, are based on two adults sharing and are subject to availability.