Everybody wants to run the world

Running a marathon is a life changing event for many and for most one will be enough. Then there are those marathon loving runners that quiet happily run 26.2 miles for fun, I for one will hold my hand up and say that marathon running is very addictive.

Ask any runner what their favourite marathon is and you’ll be hard pressed to find a few answers the same. Everyone’s experience is biased to them with the achievements they make and the PB’s that get made, for some just the sheer fact that they have finished or the amount of money they have raised for charity is rewarding enough. Ask the supporters how they feel about marathons and they’ll probably tell you there’s a lot of waiting around, and sometimes not in the best weather.

Many runners are now combining holidays with running marathons, known as ‘Marathon Tourism’. The world is a wonderful place and what better way to see it than run through it; many are centred around beautiful landmarks, historical sites and stunning scenery.

Overseas marathons can range from 40,000 runners making their way round one of the world major’s like Berlin and New York to those more adventurous marathons like the Great Wall of China or through the Himalayas.

Here at LateDeals we’ve put together our top holiday destination marathons, not only can you tick your first or another marathon off your bucket list but you can also enjoy a holiday in the sun.

The Marrakech Marathon is held in January and the route follows the Medina ‘old city’ walls where you’ll get to take in palm tree plantations, orange and olive groves of the Menara Gardens along with camel farms. You’ll be running against a backdrop of the Atlas Mountains which on a clear day look stunning.

Held in March the Limassol Marathon is now one of Cyprus’s major sporting events, this flat course is run along the beautiful Mediterranean coastline. The start and finish point is in the stunning historical centre then along the coast to the ruins of the ancient city of Amathus which is home to Aphrodite’s temple, before heading back the city and to the new harbour. This is an ideal beginners marathon as the course is entirely flat, it also appeals to those looking to set a new personal record.

The Majorca Marathon is held in October every year and starts under the shadow of the impressive La Seu cathedral, it then heads into Palma’s backs streets and cobbled roads where you can marvel at the city’s landmarks. The final few miles sees you running along the promenade with the Bay of Palma in sight.

If you’re running a marathon this year, how has your training been going? Is this your first or have you ran a marathon before?

Benidorm – A taste of old Spain

Over the years Benidorm has had its fair share of bashing from the press, however does it really deserve this?

After a recent trip to Benidorm I came home with a warm glow and a completely different perspective of what people seem to think is Spain’s party capital.

Benidorm was not much more than a fishing village up until the 1960s but as its popularity soared the resort expanded out and got bigger and bigger.

Separating the old from the new is the large L’Aiguera Park, boasting two amphitheatres’ which are often used in the summer for shows.

The old town however has very much kept its traditions and Spanish roots.
As you meander your way through the cobbled streets window shopping in the many local and traditional shops, it won’t be long before your taste buds start tingling with the delicious smells from Tapas Alley.

At the top of the hill I discovered the beautiful Church of San Jaime and beyond this the Plaza Del Castillo with its stunning tiled walkway and balcony with excellent views over Benidorm and the sea. It was truly refreshing just to sit here for a few hours watching the world go by.

Taking a slow walk back down to Levante and stopping every so often for a cool glass of sangria, I was truly amazed by the skill of the sand artists busily working on the beach.

For the thrill seekers amongst us you could also pay a visit to the popular theme park Terra Mitica.

If you are looking for nightlife then of course the Levante area in the new part of Benidorm does have such a large and varied selection to choose from. In fact Elvis can be found thrusting his hips most nights, The King lives on.

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Travelling with children

We all know travelling with children can be a stressful ordeal, however here at Latedeals we have it covered. Factoring a child’s needs into your travels involves a lot more than popping on a CD filled with Disney songs and toilet breaks. Whether you’re travelling to Majorca or taking a long break to the Caribbean we have these perfect tips that will keep the children occupied throughout the flight.

Make sure only one person is in charge of packing, at least this way you won’t arrive with millions of bikinis and no knickers! Roll your clothes to avoid creases. For the little ones pack colouring books, pens and crayons to keep them happy and don’t forget to pack your child’s favourite toy!

Time is the best thing you can take with you. Make sure you have plenty of time to get to the airport there is nothing worse than being late and rushing around. Whilst at the airport take the children to see the planes, let them let some steam off.

The actual flight can be the most stressful part for a parent as the children can become restless. Get the pens and paper out to let them doodle. If your child has a tablet make sure you have downloaded child friendly apps, also see if you can download any of your child’s favourite movies.

Remember your children are on holiday as well. Getting your children involved will not only make your time easier but gives them great memories. If you have a child friendly camera let your child have it after all they are tourist too! Always try and encourage children to play and interact with other children.

Travelling provides the best family time for you and your family. From the second you leave your home you are together, sharing the experience.

Do you have any tips you can share?