TripAdvisor’s Travelers Awards 2014 best all-inclusive resorts in the world – Revealed

The best 25 all-inclusive resorts in the world have been revealed, as voted for in the TripAdvisor Travelers Awards 2014. The results were based on millions of reviews from travelers across the globe, the list features luxury to family resorts. Designed for those who want to have a no-hassle holiday experience, where everything you could ever want or need is included in the price and available in the comfort of a luxury resort.  We have compiled a list of our outstanding favourites featured in the top 25…

1. Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso Mexico, Cancun, Riviera Maya 

Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso is the reigning champion out of the hotels in Mexico ranking #1, well it’s not surprising with over 2,851 Excellent ratings. Mexico was included an impressive 9 times on the list, and came out no.2 overall on the top 25 list.  One guest described it asA truly beautiful resort with service second to none. The landscape is breathtaking, and the food was delicious. I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to relax.” Praised for its romantic atmosphere, it’s definitely one to add to the wish list.

2. Melia Cayo Coco Hotel, Cayo Coco, Cuba

No. 20 on the list The Melia Cayo Coco Hotel ranks no. 1 of the hotels in Cayo Coco, Cuba – no wonder when the bungalow accommodation sits on stilts over a natural seawater lagoon, providing an unrivaled view of Cuba’s beauty. Proclaimed by guests as being the “Perfect vacation” “Great vacation great week in Cayo Coco” – and awarded for it’s exceptional choice of restaurants and dining options. The beach barbecue sounds great to us, where the mojitos at!?

3. Rixos Sharm el Sheikh, Nabq Bay, Egypt 

No. 9 on the list and the highest rating Egyptian resort to feature – Rixos Sharm el Sheikh. The staff are highly praised for theirOutstanding Service and Courtesy and abundance of the reviews on TripAdvisor are from returning guests, it’s seems going once just isn’t enough! Well when there’s a beach and coral reef metres from the hotel,  10 restaurants, bars, SPA, Rixy Club for children, entertainment and amazing water sports facilities – guests are spoilt for choice.

4. Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado Don Pablo Collection, Dominican Republic

The Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado Don Pablo Collection (yes that is a very long name) is designed for couples only. Set on a secluded island the resort was celebrated for it’s friendly staff who provide an excellent level of service. The spa offers a staggering array of treatments to help you get beautified for you hot date on the beach. No. 6 on the overall list and top destination for the Dominican Republic, well guests comments said that they are “Looking forward to my return visit” and had “not a single complaint. not one.”

5. Excellence Playa Mujeres, Playa Mujeres, Mexico 

No.10 on the overall list is Excellence Playa Mujeres,  Guests reviews said “Life is so sweet at EPM (if only it could be everyday life!!)” “’The Best’ just gets better…….” If you like taking it easy you’re in luck, lounging seems to be the preferred form of relaxation here with plenty of spots to sprawl out on. Sitting at the pool bar looks like the ideal spot to us, margarita in hand. With 9 international restaurants and 11 fully-stocked bars to choose from you may come home with a little extra holiday weight, sorry (not sorry).

 6. Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica 

The hardest decisions you’ll have to make at Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall is choosing where to do your morning swim, with 2 giant pool and the sea only metres away to tempt you with. Blown away guests describe Iberostar Grand Hotel as The Best Iberostar and Service Ever!!” “Spectacular!!!!!! Took a Vacation to a Dream!” No.11 on the list and the only placing for Jamaica, well you do get your own personal butler to fulfill your every whim.

And the best news is all of our featured favorite resorts are available to book on for amazing deals.

6 reasons to completely change Christmas

The Christmas songs have started playing on the radio and the constant festive TV adverts are already starting to drive you a little crazy. It’s not even December and the stresses of Christmas are starting to take their toll. There is always so much going on around the holidays that many of us would love some time out.

Here are six reasons why you should give a December break a try. So what’s stopping you?

Use them or lose them

You love going on holiday and so far this year you’ve only managed to squeeze in a long weekend in the Lake District. What you really crave is a week in the sun. Many of us are so busy working that we actually forget to take a holiday, so don’t let your annual leave entitlement go to waste.

Don’t lose them book a today.

You’re too polite to turn down party invites that you don’t actually want to go to

We’ve all been invited to parties that we really wish we could avoid. During the year we’re able to fib our way out of them but come Christmas time we feel pressured into going.

The simple solution is to book a December getaway then you don’t need to worry about making up a flaky excuse or that guilty feeling that follows. You can be feeling relaxed on a beach instead.

Escape the cold

You love the summer glow and the warm feeling of the sun on your skin, thanks to a nice warm summer but if you’ve been watching the weather reports recently you’ll know we’re in for a cold, wet and windy winter.

Surely this is more than a good enough reason to book a holiday to warmer climates?

You hate last-minute shopping

Every year we say that we’ll be more prepared for Christmas so we don’t have to rush round the shops. We all hate the rush of shoppers trying to find last-minute gifts and the long queues in every shop just puts you off for the full year.

With an intentionally-placed holiday you can save yourself the stresses of queuing and just lay back, relax and enjoy Christmas. Furthermore you could buy gifts at duty free or in resort and save yourself some money.

It’s cheaper than going in the summer

With holidays in July and August booking up quickly and prices soaring during the summer holidays, going away in December can work out more affordable, especially with couples and families that have young children who have not yet started school. The temperatures in some of the beach resorts can be too hot in the summer months now have cooled slightly making them ideal weather to go on excursions or to just catch up on some ‘R&R’. The lively resorts such as Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos are a lot calmer and less crowded too especially without the young and lively holiday makers.

With bargains to be had you can go all-out and indulge in something a little bit more impressive. The Sandos San Blas in Tenerife is a five star luxury all-inclusive that sits between a nature reserve and the Atlantic and is perfect for a little treat of December sunshine.

The destinations are more luxurious

December holidays bring with them the long-haul destinations. Thomson’s Dreamliner is now flying to more long-haul destinations so the luxury can start as soon as you board the plane. Think lush tropical beaches, romantic getaways, infinity pools and five star all-inclusive hotels.

Thailand is fast becoming the hottest winter destination as it combines luxury and adventure. Where else can enjoy the rainforests and jungles in the north of the island before heading to Thailand’s spectacular beaches such as Phuket in the south of the island?

The eye catching Sea Sun Sand Resort & Spa resort features panoramic views of Patong Bay. Stylish Thai styled bedrooms come with private balconies. You can relax in the hotels spa or take a dip in one of the many pools.

Long haul travel now has a dish for every taste be in glamorous beaches in Mauritius or a party atmosphere in Cancun, you are spoilt for choice this Christmas.

Go Explore: La Palma

Many of you will be planning your winter escapes and looking towards the Canary Islands, but before booking your usual spot in Tenerife. Stop! Ever heard of La Palma?

Maybe not,  La Palma is by far its best kept secret of the islands, with a more laid back atmosphere than its Canary cousins. La Palma’s biggest claim to fame is that that it is the birth place and childhood home to Carrie Bradshaw’s hero, Manolo Blahnik. But leave the heels at home La Palma’s winding streets and Volcanic peaks are no match for fancy shoes, sorry Manolo.

Santa Cruz, La Palma’s capital is a must see – It has a distinctly Caribbean feel to the island, with its banana, sugar cane and tobacco plantations, there’s even a Rum distillery. You won’t be blamed for thinking you were walking around the streets of Havana with all this West-Indian influence. The elegant colonial-style architecture showcases La Palma’s rich heritage dating back to the 15th century, when the island was a key trade route to the Americas, attracting wealthy merchants to its shores. When in Santa Cruz visit the Santa Catalina Castle which was once used to defend the city, gives you a breathtaking view over Santa Cruz and the perfect spot for some holidays snaps.

La Palma has great deal to offer foodies, with locally produced cheeses, wines and regular farmers markets. Held in such esteem, the Canaries have been even been granted Protected Designation of Origin status for their local cheese, La Palmas offering is the Palmera made from goat’s milk native to the isle.

There are a few distinctive local dishes to sample whilst in La Palma, apart for the cheese – ‘Apas arrugás con mojo‘ a traditional dish of potatoes boiled in salted water, they look a little strange but taste delicious. ‘Principe Alberto’ is the Canaries version of a Tiramisu, which is well worth a try if you have a sweet tooth, and of course wash it all down with the locally produced Malmsey wine.

If you want to take in the whole of the island’s dramatic landscape we recommend hiking up the ‘Volcano route’ with one of the local trekking tours. The trail takes you up La Palma’s highest peak La Cumbre Nueva and right around Hoyo Negro the volcanic crater – all your hard efforts will be rewarded by the spectacular view. Or for a more laid back adventure the aptly named ‘Lava, wine and tapas’ tour covers the historic villages and  best of all the local delicacies of the isle.

La Palma’s peaks plays host to a collection of over 20 observatory telescopes from all over the world. In 2012 La Palma was the first place on Earth to be made a Starlight reserve, making it one of the best destinations in the world to view the astonishing nights sky. You can indulge your inner Brian Cox by joining one of the regular astronomy tours and take in the whole magnificence of the starry sky.

Once you have stuffed yourself silly with all the local grub and discovered a new constellation with your telescope, there’s always time to relax on the alluring black sandy beaches along La Palma’s coast.

You can enjoy 7 nights at the 4* Hotasa Taburiente Playa, Los Cancajos in La Palma for £286pp. Check out out for more cheap holidays.

Travel news round up with Late Deals

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