Ibiza beyond the Nightlife- Top 5 things to do in Ibiza

So what should you do when you feeling tired from a night out  partying into the early hours in the likes of Privilege and the Ocean Beach Club? These are a few ideas to get you started, for those who want to see a different side to the famous island how about some of these trips?

1. At the top of Ibiza Old town lies the D’alt Vila which means high town. This quiet spot is the best way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the resorts. Take your walking shoes and head up the cobbled streets to the entrance of the walls. Ibiza Old Town was given the title of World Heritage site by UNESCO and has some beautiful architecture. Within its walls you find many majestic sites such as Ibiza Cathedral, Diocesan Museum, Saint Domingo’s Church, San Ciraco’s Chapel and the Archaeological Museum. After all that you sit in one of the many restaurants with a delicious brunch and enjoy the stunning view of Ibiza harbour.

2.  Looking for some bargains? Do not want to dress up? Then put on your t-shirt and shorts and visit the many markets that take place throughout the island most days of the week. Take a stroll to the Hippy Market at Es Cana, Ibiza’s oldest market where you can have a spot of breakfast at the many eateries before trying on some bold and bright summer outfits, pick some handmade gifts and accessories for your friends and listen to some of the bands playing live music under the sun. Another market worth a visit is the Saturday Hippy Market in Las Dalias in San Carlos, there you can be enjoy a spot of shade in the wonderfully decorated Morroccan tea tent and sit cross legged on the cushions while watching live mime acts.

3. If you want to go somewhere you can be fairly secluded from the party side of the island and watch the famous Ibiza sunsets there is an alternative. Although Café Mambo is a must- see place to visit it is one of the most popular and busy areas. If you are looking for somewhere to sit and watch the sunset then check out the spectacular beaches and coves. Cala Xuclar cove is a small bay shaped like a horseshoe with crystal clear blue water in the north west of Ibiza. When you take your spot you will be surrounded by lush green trees and golden rocks. This is just one of the many havens you can find sitting quietly on the coast of the island.

4. If you need a cool down from the heat then the underground Can Marca Caves in Puerto San Miguel is a great choice. If you are worried this may be a long day then fear not, the tour only takes about 40 minutes. Visitors to the caves can see a breath taking view of the sea from openings in the cliff side. The caves are steeped in the islands history and you will be fascinated with the rock formations which have taken shape over thousands of years, head down the secret passageways and remember to follow your tour guide.

5. Boat trips are a different way to see more of the island and what surrounds without driving and they offer a great chance to wake up those tired eyes. Even better, this three hour boat trip is on a glass bottom boat so you can even watch some sea life or if you prefer you could have a nap on the way over. Es Vedra is an uninhabited island made of limestone situated off the west coast of Ibiza. Over the years many myths and legends have become attached to this land including the idea it is the tip of Atlantis, the lost city and sunken city which existence has been debated. Spooky.

Images licensed under  CC BY 2.0

D’alt Vilaby cabezadeturco

Hippy Market by Ronald Saunders

Cala Xuclarby www.ibiza-experience.com

Can Marca Caves by en.wikiloc.com

Es Vedra by Margolum Smargol