A relaxing atmosphere with beautiful beaches

Cancajos holidays offer relaxation with stunning, tranquil scenery. Cancajos is the main tourist resort on the island of La Palma but has kept its charm and is still not too commercialised.

Los Cancajos Deals

A scuba diving specialty

Located on the eastern coast of La Palma it is a perfect base to explore the rest of the island. Cancajos holidays offer an all year round mild temperature with temperatures staying around twenty two degrees Celsius over both seasons. In the winter season Cancajos can have some very changeable weather with brief spells of rain appearing from nowhere so visitors are told to expect the unexpected however these brief showers don’t last very long. Late deals to Cancajos will offer a range of accommodations to suit all budgets and requirements, from luxury five star hotels to family run self catering apartments all offering a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy you stay.

Cheap last minute deals to Cancajos offer striking black sandy beaches, thought to be the most beautiful on La Palma. The shoreline consists of three bays which are nestled within the rocky coves of the coastline offering secure and sheltered beaches which are safe for all the family to enjoy the swimming and activities available. Late deals to Cancajos will provide you with the best scuba diving in the Canary Islands. The crystal clear waters give excellent visibility all year round to be able to discover the underwater coves, unusual black coral and tunnels which are home to many species of fish, rays and turtles.

There is also a wide variety of activities to pursue on the beaches such as windsurfing and paragliding to name a few. Other outdoor activities in Cancajos include, mountain biking and horse riding with fabulous trails and treks to discover no matter what your experience, there are also some amazing views to encounter whilst in the great outdoors.

Currency: Euro

Language: Spanish

Time Difference: GMT -0

Religion: Roman Catholic

Family friendly nightlife

Holidays to Cancajos offers the busiest nightlife on the island with a selection of bars, restaurants and discos. Although it is not as lively as some of the more commercial resorts in the Canary Islands, Cancajos nightlife can be enjoyed by all the family.

A trip to the islands capital Santa Cruz is a must whilst on holiday in Cancajos. Santa Cruz is only four kilometres away and very accessible. Here you can enjoy some great art collections and museums along with some of the amazing sixteenth century architecture. There is a variety of traditional tapas bars and restaurants in the city to enjoy whilst taking in the cities history and culture.

If you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful holiday or an active and adventurous destination then a holiday to Cancajos will be right up your street. Book your last minute deals to Cancajos with Latedeals.co.uk.

Places to Visit

Santa Cruz

– The islands capital is also home to some fascinating renaissance architecture, is great for shopping and has a great selection of pavement cafes, perfect for a spot of people watching.

Scuba Diving

– The warm, clear waters off the coast of Cancajos are perfect for scuba diving, discover black coral, hidden coves and tunnels full of colourful fish.