Nestled in the south of the Caribbean, just northwest of Venezuela

Aruba holidays will find you relaxing in the south Caribbean, just northwest of Venezuela. It is a small island measuring 20 miles in length. Aruba is an independent nation under Holland's protection, and this Dutch feel is present throughout the island.

Aruba Deals

Holidays to Aruba offer culture, crystal clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches

The mixed culture has lead to a dialect called Papiamento becoming one of the main languages. Other common languages spoken are Chinese, German, French and Portuguese the English language has grown due to growth in tourism. Aruba enjoys a high standard of living due to oil processing and the tourism industry. It is generally a flat island and is renowned for its white sandy beaches on the south and west coast; this is where most of the tourist development takes place.

The average temperature is 28°C throughout the year, but during the night a cool breeze blows through the island. The high tourist season runs from September to April. Aruba holidays offer three main resorts; Palm beach, Eagle beach and Druif beach. Palm Beach gained its name from the lines of palm trees dotted across the white soft beach which runs along the finest high rise hotels on the island, offering the most spectacular views of the resort and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Palm Beach is a perfect place to relax however there are plenty of water sports on offer from sailing, snorkelling, jet skiing, windsurfing and scuba diving. You will be able to do as much or a little as you want while on your holidays in Aruba.

The hotels are surrounded by lush gardens that run onto the beach with their own snack bars. Most of the hotels back onto the J E Irausquin Boulevard where there’s a mixture of restaurants, bars and shops – not that you’d need to leave your hotel as they are almost like a mini resort with their own a la carte restaurant, bars and boutiques.

Currency: Aruban Florin

Language: Dutch

Time Difference: GMT -4

Population: Approx 108141

Religion: Roman Catholic

There's an abundance of sports from golf, tennis, deep sea fishing and sailing

Eagle Beach is a more relaxing resort, although the two beaches do merge together. The resort is quiet, unspoilt and friendly with more low key hotels surrounded by lush green gardens. Caribbean bands and Vegas style shows give tourists an incredible evening. Even though Aruba is a small island there’s still plenty to do to keep you busy from taking an evening sunset cruise around the island to an underwater trip on a passenger submarine.

There an abundance of sports from golf, tennis, deep sea fishing and sailing. Away from the beach is a desert land full of cacti and iguanas where you can enjoy horse riding, hiking or if you’re feeling brave you can drive an all terrain vehicle over the wild outback.

The Aruban cuisine reflects the cultural influences that played an important role on the island. The menus reflect the international cuisine and local dishes are prepared with exotic ingredients. The numerous restaurants can accommodation every dining need from romantic candlelit dinners to family meals. Aruba with its unique Caribbean twist and its world class facilities make this holiday destination one that you will remember forever, so don’t delay, book your holidays to Aruba online at today.

Places to Visit

Lago Reef – Aruba

At a depth of 120 feet, this is Aruba’s deepest dive location, which offers a kaleidoscope of coral formations, sponges, sea anemones and a variety of marine life

Grapefield rock

Grapefield is a large rock formation on the eastern coast of Aruba. It faces the beach,the best hour to climb here is after noon because the sun gets behind the wall and this one give you a shade to climb.

Druif beach

Druif Beach, a long, narrow oval-shaped stretch of ivory sand, is home to the casual low-rise resorts. Here, rooms are just steps away from the calm Caribbean waters. Though not too far from bustling downtown Oranjestad, Druif Beach is a quiet and relaxing spot for sunning and socializing.