Bridgetown Deals

Combine beach life with city life

Bridgetown holidays will take you to the south west coast of Barbados. This amazing city is the capital and commercial centre of Barbados.

It is home to over 80,000 people which is more than a third of the island’s population. The city was previously called Indian Bridge, after the bridge built over the river, then later called the town of St Michael’s until it became known as Bridgetown in the 17th Century.

Located on the Carlisle Bay peninsula, this impressive city really has the best of both worlds. Your holidays in Bridgetown will offer you white sandy beaches on one side and a busy, thriving city centre on the other. Broad Street is the busiest street, home to 3 shopping malls with its tax free shops and the island’s banks. Marvel at the amazing architecture and history as you wander through the maze of streets.

St Michael’s Cathedral takes pride of place in the main square and it the landmark for the city. You can see its impressive turret from almost anywhere in the city. From here, walk to National Heroes Square, formerly called Trafalgar Square. Here you can see the statue of Lord Nelson which is actually older than the one in London, dating from 1813. Whilst here, you will see the War Memorial and the fountain gardens too.

Currency: Barbados Dollar

Language: English

Time Difference: GMT -4

Religion: Christian