Late Deals to Larnaca

Larnaca holidays are situated on the southern coast of Cyprus. The resort has an interesting mix of both old and new with the resort sitting on ancient ruins rich in culture.

Last Minute Holidays to Larnaca

The Moslem shrine of Hala Sultan ‘Tekke’ is found south of the town on the edge of a shimmering salt lake. The Stone Age excavations at Choirokitia and Kalavasos are a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site where most of the archaeological find are displayed in the Cyprus museum in Nicosia. Holidays to Larnaca are not complete without a visit to the Stavrovouni monastery perched onto the mountain and is the oldest monastery in Cyprus (although women are not allowed inside). A trip to one of the traditional villages like Kiti has the breathtaking Byzantine church or Lefkara which is home to silversmiths and lace makers. Leonardo de Vinci was said to be captivated by the ‘Lefkaritika’ embroidery.

Holidays to Larnaca are not just about culture and history, the resort is ideal for a fantastic beach holiday. Holidays in Larnaca enjoy a beautiful setting on a wide bay with a promenade lined with swaying palm trees. The resort has three beaches with over eight miles of golden sand that falls gracefully into the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Mackenzie beach has a beautiful harbour and is famous for its fish restaurants. The beaches in the resort offer excellent tourist facilities from sun lounger and parasols to beach tavernas and restaurants. Larnaca is a haven for water sports such as windsurfing, parasailing, yachting and jet skiing due to the gorgeous sunshine and warm waters of the Mediterranean. Larnaca is home to a few dive schools and offers divers an abundance of sites to visit from caves, reefs and tunnels. One of the most famous shipwrecks, the Zenobia lies off the coast of Larnaca. Southern Cyprus is now a mecca for golf enthusiasts with the island boasting three golf courses set in amazing surroundings.

Currency: Euro

Language: Cypriot Greek

Time Difference: GMT +2

Religion: Greek Orthodox

Larnaca appeals to families and couples of all ages

The resort has an abundance of restaurants from Chinese and Thai to Italian and Greek as well as traditional Cypriot dishes. Traditional dishes called mezze which is similar to tapas consisting of up to thirty dishes of fish, meat, salad, dips and finishing with fresh fruit. Larnaca is a food lover’s paradise with dishes to suit every pallet. Holidays to Larnaca appeal to families and couples of all ages with nightlife centred on the promenade. The open air bars and tavernas provide traditional Cypriot entertainment of dancing and bouzouki music. There are a few late night discos in the resort for those wanting to dance the night ways. Ayia Napa is fifteen minutes drive from Larnaca and has a glitzier nightlife with plenty of music bars and discos open until late into the night. Throughout the year Larnaca is host to plenty of festivals from celebrating lent to the Anthestiria festival in May.

Holidays in Larnaca offer plenty of varied shopping opportunities from souvenir shops to designer boutiques. There are plenty of craft shops dotted around the resort selling lace, wood, jewellery and pottery. The market stalls are abundant in traditional crafts based on ancient designs and get very busy with local and tourists.There is plenty of accommodation throughout the resort from warm and welcoming self catering apartments and guest houses to luxury all inclusive hotels. You can book you Larnaca holidays online at

Places to Visit

Ancient Kition

– Dating back to the 13th century B.C are a variety of interesting ancient sacred sites including temples and tombs, the remains of tombs are made from gold, ivory and bronze

Salt Lake

– Salt Lake is one of the main attractions in Larnaca and abundant in beautiful birds and is an improtant resting place for migrating waterbirds

Larnaca Castle

– Built in 1625 and originally served as a prison, however the impressive castle is now home to an archaeological museum and those looking to explore the culture should definitely take a trip here