Late Deals To Czech Republic

If grand castles, beautiful landscapes and world-class beer sounds like your dream combination, add Czech Republic to your travel bucket list. It’s home to 23 UNESCO world heritage sites, from historic churches to stunning gardens. With plenty of exciting towns and cities and just as much peaceful countryside, you can take your holiday in Czech Republic at any pace you want.

Czech Republic Deals

Uncover All Sides of Czech Republic

There are two totally different holidays to be had in this captivating country. The first sees you wandering busy tourist spots, fabulous market squares and quaint cobbled streets, drinking beer and indulging in tasty food as you go. The second takes you to the vast, otherworldly countryside, where you can hike, drive and sight-see to your heart’s content.

Wherever you choose to visit in the Czech Republic, expect plenty of culture to soak up and delicious local delicacies along the way. If you’re a fan of hearty meals filled with tender meats and tasty potatoes, you’ll never go hungry! One of our favourite dishes to try is Vepřo Knedlo Zelo, a pork and dumplings plate which is often considered the national dish of Czech Republic.

Currency: Czech Koruna

Language: Czech

Flight Time: Approx. 1hr 45mins

Time Difference: GMT +1

Population: Approx. 10.7m

Where Rural Beauty Meets Urban Excitement

There’s no end to the beauty in Czech Republic, whether it’s in fascinating urban architecture or breathtaking landscapes. You truly get the best of both worlds here. Journeying through rolling, green hills gives you a true sense of calm. There are some beautiful, quaint villages to stop by on your travels and endless photo opportunities for any budding photographers out there!

When you enter the grand cities of Czech Republic, you can expect a bright and lively atmosphere and glorious sights around every corner. There’s so much to do, from visiting museums to taking in vibrant nightlife and sampling cocktails or beers. You can shop ‘til you drop, or simply spend hours wandering the streets and enjoying your stunning surroundings.

The Perfect Place For A Pint

It’s no secret that lagers and beers are taken very seriously in Czech Republic. In fact, it’s the country that drinks the most beer per capita of any other country in the world! If you enjoy a pint or two (or three – who’s counting?!) you’re in for a real treat on your Czech holiday. There are plenty of ales to choose from and some really great pubs and bars to drink them in.

If you’re not yet convinced about just how prized beer is in the Czech Republic, imagine this – they even offer beer-themed spa days! There are multiple places dotted around the country where you can reap the benefits of bathing in a bath of beer, having a beer massage and, of course, sampling some of the tastiest local beers on offer. It’s a big ‘yes’ from us!

Castles, Towers & Bridges Galore

There are over 2,000 castles scattered across the picturesque landscapes of Czech Republic – it’s the country in Europe with the largest density of castles! As you’d imagine, some are older than others. Some castles you visit will be in the form of fascinating ancient ruins and some are breathtaking structures that could be straight off the page of a fairytale book. You can even stop by to see the largest castle complex in the world, which is in Prague.

You’ll notice as you wander the streets of places like Prague that there are more regal towers and dramatic bridges than most other big cities. Some of the most famous of these to visit are Charles Bridge, an iconic medieval structure over the Vltava River, and the Powder Tower, one of 13 original city gates in the Old Town.