Marsa Alam - an exciting and up and coming resort

Marsa Alam holidays are a relatively new concept as this is still a fairly new up and coming resort. Built up from a small fishing village, this increasingly popular choice is set to firmly compete with Sharm el Sheikh for your affections.

A beach lovers paradise with stunning coral reefs

Located on the west coast of the Red Sea and being the southern most resort in this area ensures a tropical paradise of mangroves, palm trees and colourful coral reefs lying enticingly off the shoreline.

Holidays in Marsa Alam are a beach lover’s paradise with straw laden umbrellas offering shade from the glorious sunny days. The biggest attraction though has to be the endless blue waters and nearly 100 km of stunning coral reefs. Snorkelers and scuba divers are in their element here with jetties stretching out to some of the reefs so that even the most timid of beginners can have a go.

For the more seasoned of divers there are excursions to the breathtaking Elphinstone Reef, with walls that drop over 70 m into the depths of the sea, an endless vision of colourful corals. Dolphin House is another popular dive site with vivid colours and marine life such as morays and hammerhead sharks to keep you company. Deep sea fishing excursions also offer an unrivalled chance to see snappers, tuna, lobster and reef sharks. There is also a marine nature reserve stretching right down to Gebel Elba in the south.

Currency: Egyptian Pound

Language: Arabic

Time Difference: GMT: +2

Religion: Islam

An ideal year round destination

The Emerald Mines at Wadi Gimal, date back to the time of the Pharaohs, when emerald and gold was mined here. You can experience a real life history lesson as you explore the cramped conditions that this ancient civilisation had to endure, a really fascinating and educational day out.

A desert excursion is a fascinating way to experience the traditional Bedouin lifestyle whilst on holidays in Marsa Alam. Trek into the desert on horseback or camel, or even a jeep or quad bike and experience the endless sand dunes, rugged canyons and rocky outcrops of the desert terrain. Enjoy the hospitality of the Bedouin people as the day fades and the stillness of the air creates an eerily silent atmosphere, a once in a lifetime experience.

Excursions can be taken into Luxor or Cairo but these will often involve an overnight stay or a very early start!

Hotels in Marsa Alam are mainly built around Coraya Bay and offer 3, 4 and 5 star standards. Many have children’s clubs, sports facilities and excellent entertainment packages, with the new Marsa Alam airport ensuring transfer times are kept to a minimum.

The excellent climate in this part of the world ensures year round temperatures that regularly top 30 degrees during our coldest months making it an ideal winter destination. So whatever time of year you decide to visit, book your holidays to Marsa Alam at today, and discover this wonderful resort before everyone else in the world gets there.

Places to Visit

Diving or snorkeling

The warm crystal clear waters around the resort have some fantastic dive sites that are teaming with colourful marine life and coral reef. One of the most popular is Elphinstone Reef

Wadi El Gemal National Park

The Wadi El Gemal National Park is not only is it one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse parks in the country, but it is the third largest park in the East Arabian Desert and is one of the most captivating eco adventures in Egypt. Learn about a large variety of plants as well as the inhabitant who survived in the harsh conditions for many centuries