A small country that’s big on tourism

Gambia holidays will take you to the stunning west coast of Africa neighbouring Senegal, Gambia is a country which enjoys a hot, dry winter tourist season from November through to April, and with just a 6 hour flight from the UK and average winter temperatures of 30°C, it is easy to see why holidays in Gambia are so popular.

Gambia Deals

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Tamala Hotel

Kotu Beach, Gambia


7 Nights

27th Nov 2020

All Inclusive

London Gatwick - Direct

Based On Premium Double Room

Djeliba Hotel

Kololi, Gambia

7 Nights

27th Nov 2020

Bed and Breakfast

London Gatwick - Direct

Based On Standard Double Room

Holiday Beach Club

Kololi, Gambia


7 Nights

29th Nov 2020

Bed and Breakfast

Manchester - Direct

Based On Standard Double Room

One of Africa’s finest

The smallest of Africa’s countries, Gambia is big on tourism as this is the way many people make their livelihood these days. The locals are welcoming and friendly, making it easy to slip into the laid back Gambian way of life. The Gambia is also Africa’s oldest English speaking country, so there are no worries on the communication front.

If you’re looking for a lively holiday to Gambia, then head to Kololi Beach or Kotu Beach, or if you’re seeking somewhere to unwind then Banjul Beach or Cape Point may be more suitable.

Currency: Dalasi

Language: English

Time Difference: GMT -0

Population: Approx 1840500

Religion: Islam



As both the Gambia's capital city and a small, peaceful seaport town situated on St. Mary's island on the mouth of the Gambian river, holidays in Banjul offer a unique contrast between a bustling, colourful city and a traditional African coastal town.


Blissfully peaceful Bijilo holidays are a perfect getaway for both families and the independent traveller. With a typically tropical climate, the 30 miles of glorious golden beaches are a top destination for sun seekers all year round.

Cape Point

Holidays in Cape Point are located near the mouth of the Gambian river, by Bakau's northern edge. Not for the active adventurer, Cape Point holidays are perfect for those in search of a more tranquil destination.


The stunning shores of Kololi Beach are fabulously fitting for those expecting to explore attractive beaches and soak up some sun on extensive stretches of sand.


Map showing the location of Gambia View Gambia on the map

Experience something a little bit different

Accommodation on Gambia holidays is centred on hotels offering bed and breakfast or half board options. You can find anything from basic guest houses offering a good base for your holiday, through to luxurious hotels offering five star facilities.

One of the main draws of Gambia holidays has to be its stunning beaches, palm fringed and dazzling white, enticing you to simply relax, and enjoy the warm blue waters. Follow the River Gambia inland and you are greeted with lush vegetation and exotic wildlife.

Its bustling villages are alive with market traders offering their colourful and exotic wares whilst all around you are examples of stunning colonial architecture, just a tiny hint of its British heritage.

Fine foods play an important part in Gambian culture. As well as its amazing seafood specialities, the tantalising chicken yassa dish remains a favourite here, with its blend of lime, onion and black pepper, making a real treat for your taste buds.

Gambia holidays are popular for couples, single travellers and groups looking for relaxation, a lively base or maybe a mix of the two in somewhere that is a little bit different from any other destination.

Whether you visit the bustling villages or vibrant markets, the warm welcome you receive on your Gambia holiday from the friendly locals remains the same. Once you’ve embraced the Gambian culture once you’ll be hooked and will no doubt end up visiting time and time again! So book your holiday to Gambia online now at Latedeals.co.uk and get your adventure started.

Places to Visit

Abuko Nature Reserve

– Gambia’s original nature reserve is home to hundreds of different species of bird, living alongside crocodiles, lizards, snakes and monkeys. The emphasis is definitely on conservation here and this is no more evident than at the animal sanctuary which is home to antelopes, monkeys and hyenas.

Juffure and Albreda

– Juffure was made famous in the television adaptation of the bestselling book ‘Roots’ depicting the story of the transatlantic slave trade. In nearby Albreda you’ll find the Slavery Museum, a real eye opener into the African slave movement.

Albert Market, Banjul

– Get ready to put your haggling skills to the test at this veritable feast of colour and aromas. Stalls are stacked high with fabrics, shoes, handbags, clothes and crafts. Keep going and you will reach the vibrant fruit, vegetable and spice stalls.