A small country that's big on tourism

Golden sand beaches, wildlife galore and craft markets to dive into, Gambia might not be the most talked about destination, but it certainly has a lot to offer. This African gem hosts some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, offering you a unique experience that will guarantee a memorable holiday.

Gambia Deals

One of Africa's finest

Situated along the western coast of mainland Africa, Gambia is the smallest country in the continent, named after the river that flows through the land. A late holiday to Gambia offers a completely unique experience with a wide range of exotic wildlife that you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

The welcoming locals make this country a top destination to visit for holidaymakers. Their openness and friendliness has earnt the country the nickname ‘the smiling coast of Africa’. Visit this one of a kind country on your next holiday and enjoy views, delicacies and wildlife that will stay with you forever.

Currency: Dalasi

Language: English

Time Difference: GMT -0

Population: Approx 1,840,500

Religion: Islam



As both the Gambia's capital city and a small, peaceful seaport town situated on St. Mary's island on the mouth of the Gambian river, holidays in Banjul offer a unique contrast between a bustling, colourful city and a traditional African coastal town.


Blissfully peaceful Bijilo holidays are a perfect getaway for both families and the independent traveller. With a typically tropical climate, the 30 miles of glorious golden beaches are a top destination for sun seekers all year round.

Cape Point

Holidays in Cape Point are located near the mouth of the Gambian river, by Bakau's northern edge. Not for the active adventurer, Cape Point holidays are perfect for those in search of a more tranquil destination.


The stunning shores of Kololi Beach are fabulously fitting for those expecting to explore attractive beaches and soak up some sun on extensive stretches of sand.

Experience something a little bit different

Gambia has become a popular destination but still keeps that local feel that holidaymakers love. The very beauty that made Gambia so popular has been preserved, even with the addition of hotels and their private beaches. It boasts some of the best wildlife reserves in West Africa, but you can decide that for yourself.

Dive into the African wildlife for an authentic safari experience. Explore the plains of Africa on a holiday to Gambia and discover lions, giraffes, hippos and so much more in their natural habitat. There’s a wide range of safari excursions to choose from, including from Kololi and Banjul.

A unique holiday for all

For those searching for the sun on their next holiday, Gambia is the perfect destination. While there may be less beach space than other coastal destinations, Gambia’s beaches still offer a perfect chance to relax and unwind. You can choose a tranquil beach break at Bijilo that offers ultimate relaxation or a busier beach in Kololi surrounded by thatched umbrellas and beach bars.

Whenever you choose to holiday in Gambia, you’re guaranteed to have a unique experience that all your loved ones will be jealous of.