An exotic paradise only recently discovered by tourists

Holidays in Cape Point are located near the mouth of the Gambian river, by Bakau's northern edge. Not for the active adventurer, Cape Point holidays are perfect for those in search of a more tranquil destination.

Cape Point Deals

Cape Point is located near the mouth of the Gambian river

Laced with one of the country’s most beautiful beaches, this resort is an exotic paradise, only recently discovered by tourists. Cape Point resort is scattered with hotels and restaurants with its own local craft market.

Residing within just ten minutes of the lively suburbs of Bakau, visitors can exchange sand for stunning botanical gardens, a flutter with tropical birds, or the sacred Katchikally Crocodile Park, famous for its mystical healing powers. Alternatively, for a truly authentic taste of Western Africa, why not wander amongst the traditional shanty style shacks lining the town?

Currency: Dalasi

Language: English

Time Difference: GMT -0

Religion: Islam

A wide sweep of yellow sand that seems to stretch for miles

In addition to a resort, Cape Point is an exclusive residential area, with extensively developed electrical and water supplies, essential for a comfortable holiday. Due to the superior security measures in place to protect the Gambia’s UN headquarters, Cape Point maintains its reputation as one of Africa’s safest areas. Book your holidays to Cape Point online here at

Places to Visit

Cape Creek

This amazing birdlife sanctuary offers various types of habitat such as mangrove swamp, brackish mud flats and tall grasses. A great variety of birds that can be spotted here include the black Kite, kingfishers, marsh harriers and ospreys