A reputation for relaxation

The stunning shores of Kololi Beach are fabulously fitting for those expecting to explore attractive beaches and soak up some sun on extensive stretches of sand.

Kololi Deals

Explore attractive beaches and soak up some sun

Refreshingly undeveloped, enjoy the sound of silence on the secluded coastline or relax with a tropical cocktail from one of many beach bars. With few child oriented attractions, this resort is most suited to couples or older families.

Kololi Beach resort lies along the Atlantic coast, west of Banjul. To the south lie several rural villages, dotted throughout the scenically varied Gambian landscape. Situated just eight miles from Banjul International Airport, holidays in Kololi Beach are ideally situated for those in preference of brief transfer times. With its subtropical temperatures, the Gambia boasts arguably the most agreeable climate of all African countries.

Currency: Dalasi

Language: English

Time Difference: GMT -0

Population: Approx 500

Religion: Islam

There are two casinos on the strip not to mention a whole host of bars and clubs

As the longest established of the Gambian beach resorts, Kololi has a reputation for relaxation. More cosmopolitan than its neighbouring beach resorts, Kololi Beach is becoming increasingly tourist oriented, its markets and restaurants catering more for visitors rather than locals, selling hand crafted souvenirs and serving intercontinental dishes, from pizza to Thai curry.

Although comparatively expensive, the Kololi’s Senegambia strip offers a variety of lively nightlife with a selection of bars and nightclubs, perfect for a loud night out after a hard day’s rest. Nature lovers will appreciate the stunningly exotic inhabitants of the surrounding Bijilo Forest, with ample opportunities for bird watching. Book your holidays to Kololi Beach online here at Latedeals.co.uk

Places to Visit

Serekunda Market

This market is packed every day with local shops, various food stalls and craft stalls and is the place to visit if you want to experience ‘culturally vibrant’ Gambian life

Abuko Nature Park

The nature park is approximately thirty minutes drive from the resort, monkeys and bird roam free and is an amazing site to witness these animals in their natural habitat