Late Deals to Germany

Historic monuments, beautiful scenery and diverse locations - Germany has so much to offer. On your last minute holiday to Germany you can escape to a beautiful gallery or even scale the mountains of Bavaria. Whatever you’re looking for, a late deal to Germany has it in abundance.

Germany Deals

Discover all Germany has to offer

Known for its creativity, efficiency and innovation, Germany has so much to offer. Include it’s local history and the modern features that make it what it is today and you’re left with a top holiday destination that is guaranteed to offer an experience you’ll never forget.

Travel to the cities and towns that offer 21st century architecture or visit the mountain landscapes for a glimpse into the past with castles dotted around the surroundings. Whether you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle or enjoy a city break, Germany has it all.

Currency: Euro

Language: German

Flight Time: Approx 2hrs

Time Difference: GMT +1

Population: Approx 83m

Religion: Christianity




Frankfurt is a thriving city in central Germany bursting with culture and activity. As one of the business and finance capitals of the world, it’s got a futuristic feel, plenty of exciting people filling its pristine streets and a seriously swanky bar and restaurant scene. Don’t be fooled into thinking your trip will be strictly business, though - there’s plenty of leisure to explore in Frankfurt!

The holiday of your dreams

A family holiday to Germany is a must for any holidaymaker, it offers fun for everyone with theme parks, zoos and attractions for all. Wherever you travel to in Germany, there’s plenty of activities that appeal to kids of all ages, as well as adults.


Treat yourself and your loved ones to a late deal to Germany and create long lasting memories that will leave you wanting more. Hop on a short flight and get ready to have the holiday of your dreams with

Beer galore

German breweries have become a top tourist attraction and with good reason, their local beer wherever you are is destined to impress any lover of alcohol. Germany hosts the world famous Oktoberfest which takes part at the end of September and finishes at the start of October.


Huge crowds, drinking galore and dancing the night away await on a trip to Germany during this time of year. That’s not all though, the delicious cuisine Germany has to offer cannot be overlooked. From German sausages like currywurst and pork schnitzel to desserts such as the extremely popular rich Black Forest gateau.


Book your holiday to Germany and experience all of this and so much more, discover what this country has to offer with a late deal.