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Kefalonia holidays are very much sought after these days. Also known as Cephalonia, it is the largest Ionian island in Greece and also renowned as one of the most beautiful, with its lush green pine forests, golden sandy beaches, aquamarine waters and rugged mountains.

Kefalonia Deals

Last Minute Holidays to Kefalonia

This island shows some of Mother Nature’s finest work, in fact the island is so beautiful it was the filming destination for the Hollywood blockbuster Captain Corelli’s Mandolin in 2001 and tourism has seen a huge increase since then.Although holidays in Kefalonia have proved to be popular, because of its size you never feel hemmed in or overcrowded with tourists and there’s always a secluded sandy beach to make the most of the dazzling sunshine, which can hit the 30’s in July and August.Kefalonia is an island of traditional Greek charm and culture with its roman ruins, ancient castles, churches and monasteries dotted throughout this wondrous destination, it is also one of the quieter islands more renowned for relaxing on stunning beaches than a 24 hour party scene.The capital of Kefalonia is Argostoli a truly Greek town with a picturesque natural harbour and tree lined promenade. Tourists don’t usually base their holidays in Argostoli but many chose to visit this stunning town as it’s so easily accessible and full of charm.

Currency: Euro

Language: Greek

Time Difference: GMT +2

Population: Approx 35590

Religion: Greek Orthodox



Lassi holidays are on the southwest coast of Kefalonia and only three miles from the airport. This purpose built resort is bordered by mountainous terrain and rolling countryside.


Skala holidays are located in southern Kefalonia and it is one of the biggest and busiest resorts on the island.

From tempting tavernas to bustling markets

A lot of the town’s atmosphere is centred on the main square surrounded by numerous cafes, bars and tempting tavernas perfect for daytime refreshments or evening people watching. Argostoli is host to a bustling waterfront market of freshly caught mouth watering fish and ripe home grown vegetables a great experience for any tourist to witness the locals going about their daily life.Lassi is the busiest resort on Kefalonia and perfect for a family holiday with two glorious sandy beaches bursting with activities leaving you spoilt for choice. Other popular resorts include Skala with its 4 km of amazing shoreline and pavement cafes and Lourdas with its tranquillity and dazzling sights.Be careful not to miss out on some terrific excursion on your visit to this magical wonder of the Mediterranean as some of the most amazing beaches are only accessible by boat due to their breathtaking backdrop of vertical rock cliffs.Other enchanting excursions include a visit to the Dragarati caves which erupt in a dazzling techno colour of light when the sun beams down and various day trips to magical inland villages and whitewashed pretty fishing villages.Cuisine on Kefalonia is as you would expect dominated by an abundance of fine fish dishes freshly caught, the island is also proud of its local Lamb Pie which is classed as a speciality. Don’t be worried if you’re not a great fish lover though as there are many alternatives to satisfy your appetite.Why not wash down your meals with a glass of Robola wine brewed from the islands own grapes and classed as one of the finest wines throughout the whole of Greece. Book holidays to Kefalonia online here at

Places to Visit

Mount Ainos

Mount Ainos, or Black Mountain as the Venetians used to call it, makes the perfect change of scenery from the beach. Follow trails carved by shepherds and their flocks, as you watch for wild horses, falcons, owls and Griffin Vultures along the way.

Melissani Underground Lake

Tour guides will take you by boat into a cave known to be used by the Ancient Greeks due to the artefacts left behind. The real beauty begins though, as the sun rises high in the sky and peeps through the dislodged roof to light the dazzling turquoise waters below.