Late Deals to Santorini

Santorini holidays are renowned as the most beautiful throughout Greece and its impressive landscapes have fronted post cards and calendars worldwide. This stunning Greek island was blown apart many thousands of years ago by a volcanic explosion leaving a sea filled crater (caldera) in the middle and creating the Santorini we know and love today.

Santorini Deals

Last Minute Holidays to Santorini

The stunning sunsets of this spectacular island are world famous and part of the attraction for many Santorini weddings and honeymoons each year. This is an island of romance and relaxation containing some of the most impressive views you will ever see. The whitewashed stone buildings and blue domed churches are a spectacular sight set against the red, black and green steep cliff edges.

The capital of Santorini is Fira(also known as Thira) and one of the most extraordinary capitals in the world. Fira itself is set over nine hundred meters above the harbour and is so steep it can only be accessed by a long walk uphill, taking in the amazing sights on a journey by cable car or a very traditional donkey ride. There are no cars at all in the capital due to the location, making it perfect for ambling around the maze of tiny cobbled streets and soaking up the splendid views that you cannot get away from on holidays in Santorini.

The capital is very chic and filled with jewellery shops, boutiques and trendy cocktail bars contributing to the upmarket reputation of the island. Evenings in the capital can vary between a romantic meal in a taverna looking out over the harbour, visiting the cocktail bars or dancing until dawn in the numerous nightclubs.

Currency: Euro

Language: Greek

Time Difference: GMT +2

Population: Approx 12000

Religion: Greek Orthodox



Akrotiri holidays are relaxing and peaceful affairs and will take you to the southern end of the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini.


Kamari holidays will find you on the wonderfully versatile Greek Island of Santorini, an island steeped in history yet boasting a modern twist, and holidays in Kamari are no exception.


Oia provides some of the most panoramic views over Santorini and the Aegean Sea that you are ever likely to see.


Perissa holidays have a quietly traditional facade which hides an energetic side that is lively without being excessive. The vast black volcanic sandy beach has plenty of space for everyone and has water sports galore with jet skiing and wind surfing being extremely popular.

Bustling resorts and historical tours

Two of the liveliest resorts in Santorini are Kamari and Perissa both with glorious stretches of dark volcanic sand sloping down to clear ink blue seas perfect for snorkelling. Perissa has a large water park which is great for all the family and there’s an open air cinema to enjoy in Kamari. Both resorts are bustling and full of activities without being over the top and ruining the romance within. If you want something a little more laid back from your Santorini holidays head to the resort of Oia set up in the mountains, with some of the best views on the island it’s like walking around in a dream.

Spend your days admiring the island from an open air cafe, take a stroll down the steps to the tiny harbour or amble around the ruins of a Venetian castle in this charming romantic resort. Holidays in Santorini are great spent by the calm shores of the Ionian Sea basking in the dazzling sunshine although this gem of an island has much more to offer.

There’s a selection of boat trips to make the most of the beautiful scenery, excursions too many of the pretty blue domed churches, historical tours around the ancient settlements and various wine tasting tours. These are just a taste of the delights that are on offer to you on the enchanting Greek island of Santorini. Book holidays to Santorini online here at today.

Places to Visit

The Wine Trail

Vineyards and wineries are scattered across the island. Cultivation of the vines has been adapted to the arid, volcanic climate, making local wines renowned the world over. A wine tasting tour of the island will definitely be worth your while, wine making on Santorini began about 3000 B.C.

Spectacular Sunsets

The sunset of Santorini Island are not only popular in Greece but famous all over the world. People often pronounce it as the most romantic sunset ever seen, there are many great vantage points around the island were you can savor this experience its also a photographers dream