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Oia provides some of the most panoramic views over Santorini and the Aegean Sea that you are ever likely to see.

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A traditional Greek village perched on the edge of a cliff

Oia holidays offer an exceptional opportunity to visit a wonderful little town perched on the edge of a cliff on the very northern tip of the beautiful Greek island of Santorini. Extraordinarily found on the edge of the caldera, the volcano that dominates this island, Oia provides some of the most panoramic views over Santorini and the Aegean Sea that you are ever likely to see. Explore the mix of narrow streets, quaint courtyards, stone steps, whitewashed houses and blue domed churches that give holidays in Oia such an authentic Greek atmosphere. Wander the shops, art galleries and craft stalls that sell traditional Greek souvenirs and arty antiques, then rest a while on the terraces of a cafe or taverna and enjoy the warm Greek hospitality, entranced by the views as you watch the world go very slowly by.

Oia has two beaches to speak of but you do need to put a bit of effort in to get there. Armeni Beach is 286 stone steps below the village while Ammoundi Beach is a mere 214! However the black volcanic sands offer a wonderful place to relax and the warm Aegean waters provide an instant refreshing haven. A scattering of tavernas are also on hand down there for recuperation and refreshment before the challenging climb back up! Boat trips are available from the beach and will transport you around the stunning coastline to some of the secluded coves on the island, a trip at sunset is the absolute ultimate in romantic experiences and something you are never likely to forget.

Currency: Euro

Language: Greek

Time Difference: GMT +2

Religion: Greek Orthodox

Witness some of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world

Oia has an abundance of vineyards and wineries to visit where you can sample the local produce as well as a fascinating maritime museum. Oia holidays are not complete though without joining the hundreds of holidaymakers and locals that line the cliff edges at sunset to watch as the day fades and the skies come alive with vibrant shades of red that seem to set the sea on fire as night falls. You will struggle to find a more breathtaking scene anywhere in the world

So if peace, tranquility and relaxation are high on your list of priorities, followed closely by the need for a traditional Greek atmosphere, topped off with those amazing sunsets, then Oia is just the place you have been looking for. Book your holidays to Oia at Latedeals.co.uk today and reserve your place at the edge of that cliff now, before the sun sets and you’ve missed your chance.

Places to Visit

Ammoudi Port

– Years ago the cargo ships started from Ammoudi port, carrying wine and other local products for the main cities of the world. Nowadays, there are some small boats that connect Oia village with Thirasia island which is part of the Santorini volcanic cluster. Local fisherman leave from here for their daily catch. Ammoudi is also famous for some of the finest fish restaurants on the island.