Recharge your batteries whilst sampling the passionate culture

Alghero holidays will take you to north west Sardinia in an area that was once ruled for four centuries by settlers from northern Spain.

Alghero Deals

A great array of restaurants, excursions and festivals

Today a certain Catalan charm still makes its presence felt here with such things as the Spanish street names, which when combined with the traditional Sardinian flair the place exudes, makes up the very fabric of this ancient walled town creating a predictably passionate culture to be expected of any society which has the influences of two such Latin countries.

Late deals to Alghero are bursting with character and are blessed with a very favourable Mediterranean climate, with life here focused around the thriving port and distinctive architecture. Couples will love soaking up the atmosphere in Alghero by wandering around the narrow, mazy streets which are lined with charming town houses and pavement cafe’s or by exploring the many elegant churches in the area. Head along the pine tree lined avenues until you reach the lido, which has its own golden beach or pop down to the ‘La Pelosa’ beach in Stintino – both are great places to relax and unwind in the sunshine.

Currency: Euro

Language: Italian

Time Difference: GMT +1

Religion: Roman Catholic

Ancient cobbled streets crammed with craft shops

Your evenings are taken care of also, with a great array of restaurants in the town, with freshly caught local fish being the main speciality. The accommodation here is more than comfortable also with many three and four star hotels for you to stay in along with a selection of private villas for that added bit of luxury. Where you will be staying is probably of low priority amongst the thoughts in your mind though as there is so much you will want to see and absorb on your Alghero holidays – many excursions are available, with one of the most popular days out being the boat trip which will take you to visit ‘Neptune’s Grotto’, which has a mammoth 656 steps that lead down to its caves!

The summer months also bring many festivals with them including a world music festival which regularly takes place in August, as well as the Ferragosto festival which culminates in a massive fireworks display. So what are you waiting for? Visit Alghero and see Sardinia in all its glory! Book holidays to Alghero online here at

Places to Visit


– Enjoy the short boat ride of just 12km over to the French island of Corsica and visit the stunning town of Bonifacio, perched precariously on a cliff, and with a breathtaking marina which opens up through a break in the cliff side.


– This small island off the north west tip of Sardinia is today a protected nature reserve and home to the beautiful albino donkeys, but was once only inhabited by prisoners and their warders as it used to home a state prison, which in turn housed mafia members including notorious boss Salvatore “Totò” Riina!