A real slice of Sicilian life

Castelmola holidays offer a real slice of Sicilian life over on the eastern Ionian coast of Sicily.

Enjoy panoramic vistas across the bay

This popular hilltop village, considered by many to be the most strikingly beautiful not just in Sicily but the whole of Italy, looks down on the lively town of Taormina which is a short bus ride away and is overlooked by the imposing famous figure of Mount Etna (an active volcano!). Spectacular and unrivalled panoramic vistas can be enjoyed out across the bay on late deals to Castelmola, whilst you are sure to be embraced with open arms by the welcoming locals.

Castelmola holidays have an appealing traditional charm about them, typified by the village’s narrow, winding streets which more times than not will surprisingly lead you to discover a glorious piazza which is tucked away where you’ll least expect it. There are also many duomos, churches and castles for you to investigate in the area which are well worth exploring.

Currency: Euro

Language: Italian

Time Difference: GMT +1

Religion: Roman Catholic

Fine dining and unusual sculptures

One of the other main attractions in Castelmola is the ‘Turrisi’ bar, which is designed with sculptures and paintings in an obscure phallic theme! There is also a good choice of pizzerias, restaurants and other bars to enjoy an evening out here.

Although there are expensive to dine and drink in due to their prime, sought-after location, they are all high-class establishments and in particular specialise in some wonderful freshly-caught fish dishes, as well as cannoli and almond wine, ensuring that you get to taste plenty of the Sicilian ‘dolce vita’! Book holidays to Castelmola online here at Latedeals.co.uk

Places to Visit

The Castle

– The castle at the top of the hill is well worth the climb if for nothing more than the amazing views that it has to offer. Don’t forget to take your camera and plenty of water to drink.


– Taormina is definitely worth a visit whilst on holidays to Castelmola, especially its Greco-Roman amphitheatre dating back the third century BC and as you’d pretty much expect around here – has amazing views over the bay.