Late Deals to Montenegro

Take a last minute holiday to Montenegro where beach resorts face south onto the Adriatic Sea. This Balkan beauty features a range of stunning scenery with the Budva Riviera, pine-clad hills and grey rocky bays all featured by your accommodation on Montenegro holidays.

Montenegro Deals

Last Minute Holidays to Montenegro

Not the most well-known holiday destination, Montenegro welcomes visitors to make the most of the awesome nature that creates its beautiful landscape.

Budva, Becici and Petrovac present a fantastic spread of beaches as well as cultural areas filled with classic architecture and significant structures.

Those looking to relax in the summer sun and soak up a new culture will love getaways to Montenegro. Though it may be considered an unusual holiday destination, it provides experiences to rival the very best in Europe.

Currency: Euro

Language: Montenegrin

Time Difference: GMT +1

Religion: Eastern Orthodox

Within the Budva Riviera

Large hotel complexes provide luxury surroundings for you to take it slow but you can’t ignore the natural wonders that are outside of the walls of your accommodation. Montenegro’s landscape is painted with a vivid green brush with thick forests and vast fields spreading over the hills and into the distance.

Much of the Budva Riviera region features long sandy beaches that are never too far away from your hotel. Sunbeds are more comfortable than laying your towel down here as the sand is quite coarse. You can also choose to sit and relax in the nearby restaurants and bars that line the beaches of the towns of Budva and Becici too.

Petrovac is further down the coastline but features a quieter beach which sits away from the glare of tourists. All three feature ideal opportunities to swim in the Adriatic Sea while Becici and Budva are home to water sport and boating opportunities.

Peaceful settings

With a tumultuous political history, Montenegro became an independent nation in 2006 after breaking apart from the former Yugoslavia. The country still features many nods to its history, throughout its architecture, statues and monuments. The town of Budva is built with cobbled streets and terracotta rooftops while the town’s citadel features medieval towers and battle walls.

The Tara Bridge provides breath-taking views out to the pine-clad hills and also makes for a refreshing hike into nature. Becici’s coastline is filled with interesting areas too with a ballet dancer statue sitting atop rocks while the Crka Svetog Tome is a church by the beach.

Montenegrin cuisine

Since Montenegro is a relatively new country, its cuisine uses borrowed themes from surrounding countries. The coastal area lends Mediterranean themes with seafood being a popular dish while the rest of the country borrows Italian savoury foods, Hungarian goulash, Turkish moussaka and kebabs, and Croatian desserts.

Dining areas around the Montenegro coastline range from water facing terraces to outdoor dining within classic courtyards. The flavours are just part of the gastronomic experience in this country with a great selection of restaurants and other eateries providing wonderful settings.

Getting there

Late deals to Montenegro will actually see you land in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where the direct flight time from the UK is between two and a half to three hours. From there the drive to your resort from Dubrovnik will take between two and three hours.

The towns of Montenegro are well connected thanks to the thorough bus service that runs between the resorts. Car hire is available too or you can grab a taxi or water taxi to get you around. Boat trips can also take you out to the nearby Sv. Nikola Island.

Best time of year to visit

The best time to experience terrific temperatures in Montenegro is from May to September with June to August being the driest of those months. Average high temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius at the height of summer making the beaches and nature look spectacular underneath the sunshine.

If you’d like to experience a serious summer celebration on your holiday in Montenegro then visit Budva during July when the Sea Dance Festival is held. This beach-based music festival features an array of genres with jazz performers, electro DJs and metal bands forming just some of the recent line-ups.