Late Deals to Madeira

Late deals to Madeira can be enjoyed on the 'floating garden' as Madeira is affectionately known - it is the lush sub-tropical main island of a cluster of islands located off the west coast of Africa. This flower-filled tranquil paradise is a botanist's dream, no better encapsulated than at the island's botanical gardens.

Madeira Deals

Last Minute Holidays to Madeira

Last minute holidays in Madeira are served by its own international airport, with most hotels situated in the capital Funchal, approximately a 45 minute journey away. Here guests can sample the local markets, experience the ‘snowless’ toboggan run, take a cable car ride up to the picturesque village of Monte or enjoy a night out at the casino. Madeira’s culture offers something that little bit different.

Madeira is famous for its wine, its cake and its embroidery, but somewhat lesser known for its New Year’s Eve fireworks displays, said to be the largest in the world, according to the ‘Guinness book of records’. There are also many buildings of interest including the Se Cathedral and the 17th Century Sao Joao do Pico fortress, making this an island you’ll not want to leave! Book late deals to Madeira online here at

Currency: Euro

Language: Portuguese

Time Difference: GMT -0

Population: Approx 267400

Religion: Roman Catholic


Canico de Baixo

Late deals to Canico de Baixo are the perfect place if you want to relax in a tranquil setting. Canico de Baixo lies on the east coast of the island of Madeira and is a traditional working village which sits at the top of a steep winding road with fantastic views across the Atlantic Ocean.


Funchal holidays can be enjoyed in a resort whose name is thought to be derived from the Portuguese word 'funcho', which translates as fennel in English - Funchal is a unique, cosmopolitan city in the south east of the island of Madeira.

A flower filled tranquil paradise

The island’s motto translates as ‘Of all islands, the most beautiful and free’ and it’s easy to see why! Madeira holidays are unspoilt and low-key, with dramatic volcanic backdrops providing stunning views for all to behold.

Despite its geographical position, it is a Portuguese-ruled territory, after it was discovered by two of Prince Henry the Navigator’s captains when their ship ran aground on the neighbouring island of Porto Santo in the 15th century. Madeira enjoys average temperatures of 26 degrees C in the summer months and a pleasant 17 degrees C during the winter.

It’s generally seen as an upmarket destination, suiting walkers, hikers and nature lovers, due to its breathtaking scenery and the opportunity to explore the numerous hilly areas and ‘levadas’ or canals. The upmarket feel continues where Madeira’s accommodation is concerned, with most bases being luxurious 4 star hotels or superior serving breakfast, usually with an optional upgrade to also include the evening meal.

Places to Visit


Visit the islands capital and explore the stunning gardens that Madeira is famous for. Take a trip up to Monte on the cable car, enjoy the breathtaking views then ride the toboggan back down again.

Nun’s Valley

Named so after the nuns who used to hide from pirates here in years gone by, today you can sample the wonderful liqueurs that are produced here.