Late Deals to Seychelles

Seychelles is a dream holiday destination unlike any other. Beautiful beaches, white sands and turquoise waters await you on your holiday to Seychelles. Lined with palm trees and rolling hills, this spectacular landscape is one of Seychelles most attractive features. Exquisite islands make up this environment, offering opportunities to relax, dive into activities and more.

Unspoilt beauty

Honeymooners and holidaymakers alike travel to the Seychelles to see the one of the most spectacular beauty spots the world has to offer. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before, with unspoilt islands and nature to discover.

Nature lovers, sun seekers and activity lovers will feel right at home when travelling to Seychelles. Head to the beach to catch the sight of sea turtles or seek out the extremely rare black parrots in the towering treetops. For a beach break, filled with experiences you won’t get anywhere else, a holiday to the Seychelles should be top of your list.

Currency: Seychellois rupee (SCR)

Language: French, Seychellois Creole and English

Flight Time: Approx 10hrs

Time Difference: GMT +3

Population: Approx 98,347

Religion: Roman Catholic

Experience warm temperatures all year round

Constant warm weather is one of the many benefits of holidaying to Seychelles. With year round sunshine, and temperatures that very rarely drop below 30 degrees, a late deal to Seychelles is the perfect way to soak up some sun. If like a lot of people, your idea of a holiday involves constant blue skies and sunshine then this is your perfect destination.

Explore beneath the surface

While the islands may offer a lot, there’s a world beyond the beach that is teeming with wildlife. Snorkelling, diving and so much more awaits on a holiday to Seychelles. There is so much beauty to behold when you visit this tropical destination both above the surface and below.

Book a late deal to this dream getaway today with Swim with sharks (don’t worry, they’re safe!), watch sea turtles on the beach, or snorkel your way into a beautiful coral reef. You’re in for the holiday of a lifetime when you visit Seychelles, that’s guaranteed.