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Last Minute Holidays to Slovenia

Late deals to Slovenia have something for everyone travelling to this beautiful, picturesque central European country. Slovenia is located on the Adriatic coast with forty six kilometres of coastline and borders the countries of Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

Slovenia has an alpine mountain region in the north west of the country, adjacent to Austria and Italy, called the Julian Alps which are a magnificent backdrop to many of the lakes and mountains resorts and home to the ski destinations in the winter. The breathtaking Lake Bled with its island in the middle and stunning Medieval Castle is one of the most popular resorts on last minute holidays to Slovenia. Should you want to take a beach holiday to Slovenia then this is also catered for in the resort of Portoroz which offers a mild climate in the summer and also boasts beautiful sandy beaches and an array of modern and fashionable accommodation.

City breaks are becoming more and more popular to the historical and vibrant city of Ljubljana. Ljubljana has one of Europe’s youngest populations giving it a mix of cosmopolitan and modern charm along with the history and culture aspect this city also has to offer. Ljubljana hosts the remainders of all five millenniums of its history which are very well preserved and includes the Roman town of Emona where substantial remains of the ancient city walls can still be found today. Despite Ljubljana being a middle sized European city it still maintains it’s friendliness of a small town.

Currency: Euro

Language: Slovenian

Time Difference: GMT +2

Population: Approx 2000000

Religion: Roman Catholic

From castles to caves...

Last minute deals to Slovenia also offer many lakes and mountains in the north east regions of the country which have magnificent views, lush landscapes and many natural spas. Holidays to Slovenia must take in an excursion to the Skocjan Caves which are in the south-west of the country. The caves have many underground halls and gorges and comprise a network of eleven caves, with swallow holes, natural bridges and hollows which make many of them geological features. The cave has a mild constant temperature of twelve degrees Celsius. The Skocjan Caves have unique features and so much cultural heritage that they have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1986.

The Triglav National Park is also worth a visit when booking late deals to Slovenia. This is the only national park in Slovenia and is named after the highest mountain in Slovenia which is in the heart of the park. Triglav National Park is located in the north-east of Slovenia in the south-eastern section of the Julian Alps. Triglav Mountain is a true national symbol and features on the countries coat of arms and the national flag.

Olive groves cloak the hills which rise from the glittering Adriatic

Last minute holidays to Slovenia have different climates depending on your location. The majority of the country will encounter warm summers with temperatures reaching the late twenties in degrees Celsius and the cooler winters with temperatures dipping down to almost freezing. The Julian Alps resorts, has a climate that plunges to minus five in the heart of winter making it a haven for skiers. Holidays to Slovenia possess a wealth of history and culture to discover.

Recent history has determined the present state of Slovenia. Having survived two world wars and a civil war, Slovenia finally gained its independence in June 1991. The generous and welcoming population of Slovenia have built strong Western relations enabling the country to become a modern state with a sturdy and strong economy and stable democracy. Holidays to Slovenia have a wide variety of cuisine and wines.

There is no such thing as traditional uniformed national dish of Slovenia as there are so many regions accumulating over 1200 different national dishes between them including many soups, pork-based dishes and various types of bread. There are three main wine regions of the country which are not available to buy in the UK so make sure you buy a few bottles to bring home as their wines are top quality and are a special delight. If you want a beach holiday, city break, lakes and mountains holiday or even a skiing holiday Slovenia has it all and will defiantly be the place for you to discover. Why not step away from the traditional holiday resorts and try something different instead, book late deals to Slovenia at

Places to Visit

The Škocjan Caves

Recognized as one of the most beautiful underground phenomenon in Slovenia, the The Škocjan Caves are truly breathtaking. Archaeological research has shown that people lived in these caves during prehistoric times. These caves have been on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites since 1986 and are definitely worth a visit on holidays to Slovenia.

Thermal Spas

One of the largest saltpans in the world can be found at Piran, close to Portoroz, and the healing qualities of the mud, brine and salt here have led to Slovenia becoming well known for its spa treatments and therapeutic centres.

Lake Bled

Whether you stay here or just visit for the day, Lake Bled is beautiful, serene and perfect for discovering the stunning Slovenia countryside.