Named after the jasmine flower

Late deals to Yasmine Hammamet offer an amazing setting with a modern and cosmopolitan feel. Located on the north eastern coast of Tunisia, Yasmine Hammamet holidays overlook the beautiful and tranquil Mediterranean.

Yasmine Hammamet Deals

Brilliant beaches and a modern medina, buzzing with activity

With a sub tropical climate you will find the summers are hot and dry with soaring temperatures frequently reaching in excess of 30 degrees Celsius, and the winters are milder with temperatures being a steady 20 degrees Celsius with little rain fall, so a last minute holiday to Yasmine Hammamet in the winter will be the perfect sunshine getaway.

Yasmine Hammamet is a purpose built resort in a suburb of ancient Hammamet with a huge amount of luxury, modern hotels providing a superb standard of accommodation. Holidays to Yasmine Hammamet offer a modest nightlife with many bars and cafes centred on the marina. Most of the night time entertainment is provided by the luxury, chic hotels as late deals to Yasmine Hammamet are mainly hotel based. If you want livelier nightlife then a short taxi ride to the clubbing town of Hammamet is a popular favourite where there are more bars and clubs to enjoy.

Currency: Tunisian Dinar

Language: Arabic

Time Difference: GMT +1

Population: Approx 20000

Religion: Islam

Boutiques, restaurants, cafés, theatres and museums

Should you want to do a spot of shopping while you are on holiday in Yasmine Hammamet then you are in the right place. Yasmine Hammamet has a selection of boutiques and jewellery shops to enjoy along the beachfront, and if you want the more traditional purchases such as handbags, rugs and textiles then the local Medina, with its numerous stalls, bazaars and covered markets lining the narrow alleyways, is definitely the place to go to try out your haggling skills.

Yasmine Hammamet holidays offer a beautiful, relaxing and sandy beach with plenty of water sports for holiday makers wanting more activities. You’ll find that late deals to Yasmine Hammamet are perfect for all holiday makers with the beautiful beaches to relax on, the bustling shopping and the evening entertainment, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Book your last minute bargain holidays to Yasmine Hammamet online at

Places to Visit


Tunisia’s original tourist resort, Hammamet has plenty to offer from a wonderful tree lined promenade to vibrant open air night clubs.

El Djem

Visit the world’s third largest amphitheatre and stroll along the same corridors that the slaves wandered before their entrance into the arena! Guaranteed to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!