Late Deals to Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde holidays give you the chance to experience an up and coming destination with relatively unspoilt landscapes.

Cape Verde Islands Deals

Last Minute Holidays to Cape Verde

Nestling off the West African coastline, Cape Verde is a group of ten islands offering excellent beaches, a tropical climate and stunning landscapes. Cape Verde holidays provide an ideal year round destination. Peak temperatures usually stretch to 30 degrees, and with around a six hour flight from the UK you can have the exotic beaches and scenery of the Caribbean , without the long flight.

Last minute holidays to Cape Verde offer a strong blend of Portuguese and African influence, still visible in its culinary taste today, with seafood a speciality and often cooked on barbeques straight from the sea. One of the best excursions is to take a boat ride around the islands, discovering Fago, with its live volcano, Boa Vista with its desert like qualities of shifting sand dunes and swaying palm trees, Santiago; a world heritage site and the first European settlement in the tropics, or Sal with its eerie yet fascinating salt mines hidden in the dormant volcano. Holidays in Cape Verde offer some of the best windsurfing waters in the world as the warm winds wafting over from the Sahara, create some excellent surf.

Currency: Cape Verde Escudo and Euro

Language: Portuguese and Creole

Time Difference: GMT -1

Population: Approx 500585

Religion: Roman Catholic



Boa Vista

Boa Vista holidays are a sun lovers paradise with endless, unspoilt sandy beaches and a climate influenced by the warm gentle breezes floating over from the Sahara desert.

Miles of sandy beaches in a year round destination

Nightlife in Cape Verde is quite low key and mainly consists of traditional live music known as “morna”, a kind of lilting folk music, although the tempo is sometimes raised by the tango or salsa beat. The shopping is quite muted too with markets and craft shops being the main attraction.

Most of the islands are accessible by ferry with airports at Sal, Santiago and Boa Vista. The islands of Cape Verde differ quite a great deal, with some being baron and desert like while others are lush and green. Whichever part of Cape Verde you choose to visit, you are guaranteed a laid back holiday in still relatively quiet and unspoilt islands. Cape Verde holidays are available online at

Places to Visit

Mount Fogo

Cape Verde’s highest peak (2829m/9382ft),It’s still an active volcano and last erupted in 1995, yet intrepid farmers raise coffee and wine grapes on its black slopes

Tarrafal Beach

Tarrafal is an old Portuguese colonial political prison,and sits upon the finest beach on the island.

Mercado de Sucupira

With its labyrinthine side streets in the Várzea quarter. This is where you can buy everything from clothing and African fabric to household appliances to music and traditional handicrafts and the typical national dishes.