Late Deals to Greece

Last minute holidays to Greece give you an opportunity to visit an astonishing country in Southeast Europe. The east and south of the country are surrounded by the warm waters of the Aegean Sea whereas the Ionian Sea lies at the west of Greece.

Greece & Islands Deals

Last Minute Holidays to Greece

Surrounding the Greek mainland there are vast numbers of Greek Islands which holidaymakers look to flock to each summer for the promise of great weather, superb beaches and unbeatable Greek hospitality.

Holidays to Athens offer you a wealth of culture being home to The Acropolis which is a flat topped rock rising 150m above sea level, the Acropolis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a great reason to search for late deals to Greece for a short break. Along with the culture and history of Athens there is a fantastic cosmopolitan centre where you can take advantage of the great shopping outlets, cafes, bars and restaurants

Cheap holidays to Greece offer you so much in diversity whether you’re visiting the Peloponnese on Mainland Greece or one of the many Greek Islands such as hugely popular Corfu, Crete, Rhodes or Zante (Zakynthos) or the lesser known islands of Skiathos, Samos and Thassos to name a few. Each island has its own enchanting traditions, architecture and landscape but they all share the same warmth and hospitality that make Greek holidays ever popular.

Late deals to Greece offer you the chance to take advantage of the hot sunshine, array of beautiful beaches, breathtaking views and friendly villages. The larger islands offer you a range of great resorts to chose from whether you’re wanting the excitement of a young and lively resort, the tranquillity of a secluded fishing village or somewhere in between with great sandy beaches, family run tavernas and genuinely friendly locals.

Currency: Euro

Language: Greek

Time Difference: GMT +2

Population: Approx 10815191

Religion: Greek Orthodox



Halkidiki holidays can be taken in northern Mainland Greece with the Aegean Sea lapping around its shoreline, offering a wonderful mixture of superb sandy beaches, lush green countryside, and secluded bays and steeped in history and ancient ruins.


Kefalonia holidays are very much sought after these days. Also known as Cephalonia, it is the largest Ionian island in Greece and also renowned as one of the most beautiful, with its lush green pine forests, golden sandy beaches, aquamarine waters and rugged mountains.


Corfu holidays are amongst the most popular throughout Greece, it's the 2nd largest Ionian Island with a magnificent 217km coastline. Lying just off the Albanian coast, at its closest point is less than 1km away, on a clear day you can also visibly see the Greek mainland


Kos holidays offer a variety of resorts that make the most of the wonderful beaches and calm Aegean seas.


Holidays in Lefkas will bring you to the fourth largest of the Ionian Islands, lying between Corfu and Kefalonia. This beautiful mountainous island is strewn with fir and pine forests, lush olive groves and vineyards.


Lesvos holidays are popular with couples, honeymooners and families due to its stunning scenery, calm shallow waters and selection of perfect beaches. Unaffected by mass tourism, Lesvos is the perfect destination for those wanting to experience the real, untouched Greece.


Mykonos holidays have proven to be very popular amongst tourists over the years. This small hilly island, which is one of the Cyclades islands set in the Aegean Sea, has an upmarket reputation and many famous Greeks as well as international stars have their own private summer villas here.


Parga holidays will take you to this stunning picturesque town on the Epirus coast of north west mainland Greece. Temperatures here can reach 34`C in the height of season making it an ideal choice for your summer holiday.


Crete holidays provide a great opportunity to explore and enjoy the largest and most southern of all Greek Islands, situated in an enviable position which is the meeting point of 3 continents: - Europe, Asia and Africa, making it an Island of such diversity and interest.


Rhodes holidays have provided the opportunity to spend time in one of the most popular destinations around. This pretty island which is the largest of the Dodecanese islands, is one of the hottest and sunniest in Greece with temperatures exceeding 30°C in peak season


Samos holidays have been a firm favourite for many, many years and it's so easy to see why with the amazing lush landscapes, spectacular beaches and Mediterranean temperature reaching 35°C in August.


Santorini holidays are renowned as the most beautiful throughout Greece and its impressive landscapes have fronted post cards and calendars worldwide. This stunning Greek island was blown apart many thousands of years ago by a volcanic explosion leaving a sea filled crater (caldera) in the middle and creating the Santorini we know and love today.


Skiathos holidays are all about pure relaxation, enjoying the spectacular picture postcard views and amazing beaches along its coastline, despite it being the largest of its cluster of islands.


Zante holidays are perfect if you want a variety of things to do whilst soaking up the dazzling sunshine which often hits the mid 30's in July and August. Also known as Zakynthos, this is one of the largest Ionian Islands in Greece.

Romantic sunsets

Greek beaches offer pure relaxation with the powdery soft sands sloping gently into the calm clear seas making a perfect haven for families with children. For the fun seekers amongst you there are many destinations offering a variety of water sports including pedal boats and scuba diving courses to help take advantage of the warm waters. If you can tear yourself away from the great beaches there are many varied boat trips and excursions to fill your days with excitement and fun on late deals to Greece.

Throughout each of the Greek Islands there are numerous picturesque churches and Monasteries that are great to visit on a pre arranged excursion or for the more adventurous you could hire a car or moped to view the island at your own leisure and take in some of the most romantic sunsets in the Mediterranean. Greece holidays offer a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs ranging from luxurious all inclusive beachfront hotels to self catering apartments with views of amazing olive groves and use of nearby pools, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re staying in self catering, half board or all inclusive accommodation be sure not to miss out on sampling the mouth watering local Greek cuisine. A fresh leafy Greek salad topped with famous Feta cheese, locally grown olives and drizzled in freshly produced olive oil is a perfect lunchtime treat or a great appetizer for your evening meal.

Main courses that are renowned throughout Greece include Moussaka, Stifado and Souvlaki not to mention the amazing selection of fish dishes freshly netted each day. Locally produced village wine is a great accompaniment to any meal in Greece or for the more adventurous you can treat yourself to a sample of the famous Ouzo to end a perfect day in the sunshine of Greece. Holidays to Greece can be booked here online at

Places to Visit

Greek Islands

– There are, of course, far too many to mention, however, Greece really does have an island that will suit you. From the lively, Zante, Kos, and Rhodes through the more tranquil Thassos to the positively laid back Paxos or Meganissi to name just a very few!

Santorini Sunsets

– There is perhaps nowhere in the world that you will get to see a more beautiful sunset than from the island of Santorini. Most people head to the cliffs of Oia, but for true romantics, take a sunset cruise from one of the many small harbours and literally sail away into the sunset!

Ancient Greece

– As beautiful as the beaches are here it would be a shame not to take a little time out to visit some of the ancient sites that Greece has to offer. Ask your rep or one of the locals about what’s available near you.