Outstanding Natural Beauty

Dalyan holidays will take you to the south-west of Turkey, just a 20 minute drive from Dalaman airport. An area of outstanding natural beauty encompassing lush mountain scenery, green valleys and stunning sandy beaches.

Dalyan Deals

Golden sands and crystal clear waters

The main centre of the village is a hub of activity overlooking the river. There are many restaurants offering the traditional Turkish pizza (pide) and Borek (similar to spring rolls with cheese or meat) as well as International cuisines. A favourite in Turkey is the spiced lamb, served in a clay pot with vegetables. Of course, these are best washed down with the typical Turkish aperitif, Raki! The most popular dish in Dalyan is the fresh fish caught daily, ideal for a romantic dinner by candlelight overlooking the river. The village holds a lively market once a week for the traditional souvenirs and fresh fruit and Turkish delight.

Holidays in Dalyan offers mainly Bed and Breakfast accommodations, many with pools, to enable you to sample the local way of life. The village is most suited to couples and families looking for peace and relaxation in beautiful surroundings. Holidays to Dalyan will take you back through 5000 years of history. From the harbour you can cruise down the river to the Tombs of the Kings, and the City of Kaunos. Here you will see where the royals were buried high in the mountainside, in tombs carved in typical Lycian style, along with their families and servants. Their treasures were also buried with them though these have since been stolen.

Currency: Euro

Language: Turkish

Time Difference: GMT +2

Religion: Islam

Magical mud baths

The only way to visit Dalyan’s beach, Iztuzu beach, is by boat. These go frequently from the harbour meandering down the Dalyan River, the Dalyan Delta. The boats weave their way through the reeds in scenes reminiscent of African Queen, which was filmed here. Keep on the look-out for the wildlife, there are rare birds that live here who are not seen anywhere else in the world. When you arrive at the 4km golden sand beach, the views will take your breath away.

Choose to lay your towel on this stunning stretch of sand or walk to the other side of the peninsula to the freshwater lagoon where you may see the world famous blue crabs. The water here is so clear, and you almost float it is so buoyant. The sandy beach here is sectioned off in early and late season as the loggerhead (Caretta Caretta) turtles lay their eggs under the sand. Magical Mud Baths

Dalyan is most famous for its Mud Baths, which are said to have been frequented by Cleopatra, the ancient Queen of Egypt. When you enter the baths, you immerse your whole body in the mud and stand out in the sun to allow it to dry onto your skin. It is reputedly excellent for relieving symptoms of rheumatism and even reduces wrinkles! The mud is rinsed off with a cold shower at which point you have lost 10 years! Amazing!! Going in the sulphur bath after this makes your skin so soft and shiny, though it can be very smelly! A must for your photo album. In more recent times, David Bowie and Sting have visited and now have their photographs hung at the entrance.

If you can tear yourself away from this magnificent paradise, there are jeep safaris which take you through the mountains or you could take a boat to Marmaris where you can spend all day haggling in the bazaars. Dalyan is a truly magical place, you really wont want to leave. Book your holidays to Dalyan here at Latedeals.co.uk.

Places to Visit

Dalyan Market

– The Dalyan market is held every Saturday in the centre of the town, the market stocks everything from the locally grown fruits and vegetables to the best quality designer fakes. Much of the clothing is of high quality and well priced, there is also a wide range of shoes with quality leather slippers being very good buys.

Iztuzu (Turtle) Beach

– The Beach gets the name Turtle Beach from the Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead) Turtles that nest on the beach between May and September. The Loggerhead Turtle is an endangered species and the beach is therefore protected and is closed to the public between 8pm and 8am to allow the Turtles to breed and the young to hatch and make their way safely to the sea.

Dalyan Mud Bath

– Take a boat trip from Dalyan to the mud and sulphur baths on the Lake Koycegiz. It not only claims to have therapeutic properties (curing all manner of ailments from skin problems to gastric conditions) but also claims to make you look ten years younger.