Late Deals to Vietnam

Late deals to Vietnam offer you the ultimate Asian experience in one of the world's most fascinating locations. Vietnam holidays are extremely diverse, much like the landscape of the destination. The popular tourist spot features ancient temples to explore, hidden beaches to discover and the mysterious floating markets.

Last Minute Holidays to Vietnam

Vietnam is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery around, from sun-lit rice field to serene bays and even towering mountains. The colourful backdrop that it’s so well known for makes it a unique destination that has to be seen to be believed.

That’s not all, with plenty of world heritage sites to discover there’s more than enough to fill your days. These sites include the emerald coloured waters of Ha Long Bay, a popular destination for tourists to gaze in awe of the scenery. There’s also Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park which is the home to over 300 caves to explore. In Phu Quoc’s you’ll find beautiful white sand beaches paired with stunning coral reefs that are sure to take your breath away.

Currency: Vietnam Dong

Language: Vietnamese

Time Difference: GMT +7

Population: Approx 94 million

Sizzling street food and authentic restaurants

As you probably already know, food is a massive part of the Vietnam culture and authentic Vietnam food is extremely popular among locals and visitors.

You’re in for a treat when experiencing the Vietnamese food on offer, whether it be the iconic Pho or spring rolls known as Pho Cuon. Treat your tastebuds to some of these melt in the mouth foods and learn more about their popular cuisine that has made this destination a must for any lover of food.

Delve deep into the culture and indulge yourself in the cuisine of Vietnam by visiting the streets and the stalls that populate them. You’ll find stall on almost every corner and the best bit is, you’re guaranteed to come across something new every single time. Immerse yourself in fresh seafood, quirky fruits and the most amazing dipping sauces.

If you’d prefer to sit down in a restaurant environment then don’t worry, you’re in the best place. Many local restaurants are extremely affordable and easily doable on any budget. You’ll discover popular local dishes as well as food from across the world, including French favourites and Indian delicacies.

Explore to your heart's content

The multi-ethnic state of Vietnam has plenty to offer when it comes to exploring. With clear influences from French and Chinese culture, this doesn’t take away from the fact that the Vietnamese culture is unique and distinct.

Discover more about Vietnam and see for yourself the motorbike jammed roads and the coffee shops that make this destination a go-to for holidaymakers across the world. Don’t forget the endless amount of market stalls that line the streets, offering all visitors a real sense of culture right on their doorstep.

Much like other parts of South East Asia, the locals are an integral part of the culture of the country. Smiling locals will greet you wherever you choose to explore and with outstanding hospitality a guarantee, you’re in for the best holiday of your life. In need of some help? Not to worry, the locals will be more than happy to help and for those who like to make friends on holiday you’re bound to find locals who want to get to know you.

From busy cities to chilled beaches

Whatever you’re after, be it a bustling city or a chilled out, laid back beach experience, you’re in the right place. From stunning shorelines to cities that are certainly alive and kicking, there’s plenty of resorts to choose from and we guarantee you’ll be able to dive deep into those aspects you love.

Due to the drier weather in the South, this is where you’ll find most of the beaches. The highlight is Phu Quoc, a resort that is perfect for those looking for a quiet getaway with a chance to escape to the serene beach and relax. This area is regarded as the hidden gem of Vietnam, so if you’re looking for a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle then there’s no better place to be.

You’ll find 10km of stretching white sand, beautifully accompanied by sparkling sapphire waters that are calling your name. For sand spots, you’ll struggle to find any better than on Phu Quoc Islands which has been compared to its Thai neighbour by both locals and holiday goers. If you’re looking for another spot to visit beaches and chill out, discover Nha Trang and explore its beaches on your last minute Vietnam holiday.

For those interested in more than just beaches and strips of sizzling sand, explore the city of Ho Chi Minh, known as the largest metropolis in the area and the most exciting spot. With plenty of attractions to explore there’s no shortage of things to do. Immerse yourself in the past of Vietnam and discover museums, religions and markets to test your bartering skills.

Discover the past of Vietnam

Delve deep into the history of Vietnam and you’ll find out more about the culture and how it has shaped the country into what it is today. From museums to historical buildings and even underground tunnels, there’s plenty to discover on your last minute holiday to Vietnam.

The underground tunnels known as Cu Chi Tunnels are a network of underground tunnels and passages, as well as War Remnants Museum that houses weapons, vehicles and touching photographs of the past.

Your experience doesn’t have to revolve around the history of War in Vietnam, you’re free to explore the thousands of temples in the country. The diverse range of religions on offer means you can immerse yourself in understanding and learning more about the culture. If you’re looking for places to visit, Hue is definitely worth it. You’re able to view many monuments that have made it onto the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage list.